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More Melamine in the Pet Food Supply

::American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Pet Food Recall Page::

More tainted rice protein from a second Chinese source has gotten into the American pet food supply -- and the FDA isn't telling the American consumers which pet food manufacturers might be affected:

"More Melamine in the Pet Food Supply -- A second company likely imported rice protein from China that was contaminated with a chemical linked to a major pet food recall, two U.S. senators said on Monday.

Rice protein tainted with the chemical melamine was used in pet foods from at least five manufacturers who obtained the protein from one supplier, U.S. officials have said. It also made its way into feed used at a California hog farm.

Now, another company is suspected of importing rice protein from China, democratic Sens. Richard Durbin of Illinois and Maria Cantwell of Washington said in a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“We have learned that in addition to Wilbur-Ellis, a second United States company imported a shipment of rice protein from China that is also likely to be contaminated with melamine,” the senators wrote. “We request the FDA identify this second importer as well as those manufacturers to which it may have sold the contaminated product.”

An aide to Durbin said the senators found out about the second importer from industry sources."
Read more here.
Just great. When Luna and I got home yesterday, she threw up about three times. Not anything but spit it seemed, but unusual for her. I feed her ProPlan (Purina) and I've checked their website numerous times concerning updates. They are not on the 'old' list.

But now there is ANOTHER warning, which I'm sure will be announced soon. Damn. While I was in Arizona she stayed at a Vet hospital/boarding place for four days. I did have them feed her a few cans of wet dog food to mix in with her dry dog food that I supplied so she would eat while I was gone.

I don't know what they fed her. Three cans total. It's a Vet Hospital, I thought/think I should TRUST them? She wasn't sick last week. Hmmmm, now I'm worried. Today she seems fine. Maybe I'll start feeding her home cooked dog food for a while. At least I'll know what's in her food for awhile. I don't know. She's always been on the 'thin' side even though she always has dog food available in the kitchen. She just doesn't put on weight and never has. Hmmmmm, what to do?

Remember my rant about all things from China? It didn't include food; I didn't even THINK about or imagine that ingredients from China could get in my dog's food. And the source of products in dog food is not listed on the bag of dog food. How the hell do I know

Really, am I supposed to trust a country that pollutes it's own land and waters with growing and/or making 'natural' products for my DOG? They don't even take care of their OWN humans that well!!!

Really, STOP BUYING THINGS MADE IN CHINA. STOP giving them money.

And, I'm going to next suggest/demand in writing that ProPlan (Purina) start making available complete information on the bag. Not just WHAT's in the bag, but the sourcing. I KNOW it will NOT make a difference. But at least they will know (and not care) that I am trying to pay attention to things I didn't think I had to pay attention too!!

Shopping is continuing to become more than just looking at a "made in where ever" label. Ever try to buy something in Costco or Sam's Club that is MADE in America? Fat chance. WalMart too. Most everything is 'made in China.' I love Costco but I can't tell you how many times I have put something back down after looking at the 'made in NOT AMERICA' label. Because it was made in China!!! I refuse to support China.

China is making snow now.
"China claimed yesterday to have caused a snowfall for the first time as part of its increasingly ambitious attempts to control the weather."
To clean the air for the upcoming Olympics. So that Beijing LOOKS clean. Ha! Have you keep up with the rest of the story concerning how they are transforming Beijing and the 'costs' to human and environment? Very sad. I'll link when I find the info again.

And how about ANOTHER country, let alone THAT COUNTRY being CHINA having some control over weather? I remember in the 1970's when our government talked about controlling the weather. And how we were seeding clouds for rain fall. If that had been and/or is a successful endeavour, why aren't we doing it now?

The Southwest is in a drought and has been for years. Is it because the cause is worse for the environment than the cure? As in the CHEMICALS used to seed clouds, are they a death toll to plant and animals so therefore WE won't try and/or continue to seed clouds for elevates our drought? But China is now making snow? My brain hurts.

You do know that we have lost BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS, over 50% of our Honeybees, right? Art Bell has been discussing this issue for the last four months. It's just hitting main stream news. 1/3 of our food supply RELIES on Honeybee pollination. Albert Einstein speculated that "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left." My brain hurts.

Luna. Dog food. What to do? What's Really In Pet Food? Amazing how the AVMA doesn't really address the issue. They must be funded by pet food manufacturers, right? What did people feed their dogs BEFORE bagged dog food? I don't know.

eHOW: "How to Make Homemade Dog Food"
AssociatedContent: "Homemade Dog Food"

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
-Derek Bok

Update: "U.S. Food Safety At Risk From Imports" -- Say it's NOT true.

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

It's so very frustrating being at the mercy of the pet food manufacturers--we have to wait until they decide to tell us whether or not the food we feed our beloved animals is killing them.

We, as a nation, have in part created the problem by wanting things "cheap" but also our government is so busy "making nice" with China they seem willing to overlook things like quality control.

7:04 AM  

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