Monday, April 30, 2007

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

I SOOOOOOO wish I was was there!! I did the NOJF a number of years ago. Let's put those memories in the 'BIG FUN' basket!!! Oh my, oh my!!

It's held on the New Orleans Race Track. Big stages everywhere. There is the World Stage, the Ray Ban Stage, many others and then the Gospel Tent. I swear the gospel tent held 1000 people.

I don't have a stick of gospel music in my house. I've never been a fan of gospel music but I think I spent 25% of my time in the Gospel Tent because the music and the singing was so amazing!! As my luck would have it, I was listening to Four Elder Black Men in Incredible Purple Coats (NOT their real name but I can't remember their real name) who were truly amazing in vocal style and harmony. They sang a few songs and announced a guest star. Out walks Arron Neville!

Arron Neville, about 5 rows away from me, sings "Amazing Grace" acapella-style. (OMG, as I'm typing this, the hair is going up on my arms.) I'm telling you, I have never heard such an amazing voice and range of notes. It was the most beautiful rendition of AG I have ever heard.

There was not a dry eye in tent. It felt like he filled the tent with a sound that permeated our souls and reminded us that no matter what our religion, there is a grace in our hearts that we must not forget and remember, or rediscover, to share and to live by.

That grace is something that comes out of our hearts.

Yup, that is what Arron sang. After some minutes spent composing myself, I wandered off to other stages, ate the most incredible 'crayfish packets' and drank a beer.

So, these 'crayfish (or crawfish) packets,' if they were available anywhere in Las Vegas, I would weigh 300 lbs. They were like little crepes filled with some crayfish goo (they were also oyster packets, equally nummy), and tied with a green onion at the top with more goo poured over the top. There were maybe three on a plate. I think, I kid you not, I ate maybe 30 of them. The people at the food booth just got to the point where they would see me in line and just make a plate for me.

I loved New Orleans. Loved the little holes-in-the-wall places to eat. Loved the old houses surrounded by green jungles of Louisiana vegetation. Loved the way it smelled. I'm sure it's sadly changed now. Bet you somewhere there are still 'crayfish packets.' You just don't lose how to cook those up. Wish I knew what they were called and could find a recipe for them.

Coming up on Saturday and Sunday, you can listen live to some music playing there. Go to NOJHF website for the info.

OMG!!! OMG!!! I love the internet!!! Could THIS be the "crayfish packet" I have dreamed about????

Astray's "Crawfish purses with a tasso cream sauce"

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be,
and you help them to become what they are capable of being.
‑Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749‑1832)


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