Friday, April 27, 2007

Thinking Blog Award

Recently, Nancy from "My Garden Spot," and Linda at "RV Vagabonds," tagged me with the 'Thinking Blogger Award."

Wow. Thank you for even thinking that a few of my scribbles my influence the neural workings of brain matter. Any brain matter let alone the brain matter of intelligent women like you.

For those of you that don't know Nancy, she has spent years in our educational system as a teacher and years dealing with our medical system. Her view points on both are always potent and poignant. She also has quite a green thumb as displayed by the constantly blooming array of flowers. Put all that together with some great flower porn (as we used to say when I was in herbal school) and "My Garden Spot" is a site I always visit over coffee in the morning.

Linda wanders America in a RV with her husband, Denny, and their cat, Patches. I am oh-so-envious. She is me in a RV instead of a sailboat. These behemoths are much the same. We wander slowly, always a part of the nature around us, a floating bubble of a time-capturing ship. Linda's photography is a window on the big world around us. Her gypsy musings about road and camp life are always entertaining. I am a RV Vagabond in my heart always.

And from how I understand this to work, I must now tag 5 other bloggers that make me think too:

Fragments from Floyd -- Fred lives in Floyd County in southwestern Virginia. His descriptions of all living things always give my brain a good feeding. His photography of same will open your eyes.

AngryBlackBitch -- ABB is on the far side of most everything everything I am. And yet I agree with her more often than not. She rips the facade off of our political system and the hypocrisy that we humans have for each other. Always a thought provoking read.

Miss Doxie -- Oh, Oh, Oh. How I wish I could write like Miss Doxie. Never, ever have coffee in your mouth while reading Miss Doxie. And please don't miss her "times I fell down" and "dogs (poop)" sections. Remember, NO drinks or food in mouth while attending this performance.

Crazy Aunt Purl -- I did start out as a knitting blog years ago. To blog about knitting. Then I found Crazy Aunt Purl and her humorous and heartbreaking ways. Also, square watermelons, her traveling divorce papers and killer monthly horoscopes. While I love the "Yarn Harlot," CAP is closer to home. She made me understand that any kind of writing can be a good thing for ones own soul.

Brilliant at Breakfast -- Smart, witty and all over the place on subjects close to my heart.

There you have it. A few of my daily reads.

Simply Recipes' "Honey Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken"

There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want,
and after that to enjoy it.
Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.
-Logan Pearsall Smith, essayist (1865-1946)


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