Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still Here...But Was There First

I've just been really busy and/or not in a blogging mood.

There was also a visit of a friend from Israel. Rozy came in for the "You Can Do It" convention. Chopra, Dyer, Braden, etc. were all keynote speakers. Rozy went for four days, I went for two.

I'll load a good book list of which new books they have written over at "Luna's Store" for you to peruse. Guess I didn't tell you that I put up a Amazon Bookstore called "Luna's Store" yet. So much to tell you, so little time. I'll devote a whole post to "Luna's Store" later.

So, we have the convention, Rozy's visit, Luna's Store, knitting, and house stuff. I'll just have to blow those off for now and go with the latest:

Let's just start with a Road Trip this past weekend!! Drove to San Diego to pick up Charlotte. Yes, THAT Charlotte, my Bestest Friend In The Whole World Charlotte who flew in from Snohomish, WA.

I don't know the LAST time I drove to SD. It's only a 5 hour drive. This bridge means I'm getting really close.

Since I left at 6:00 am Saturday morning to beat the Memorial Weekend Traffic, I got to SD at 11:30 am. The weather was beautiful. I decided to go to 'Old Town' and wander about with Miss Luna. Oh my, the flowers of California.....

Beautiful purple trees everywhere!

12 feet of Cactus.

More purple flowers.

Close up with BEES!

HUGE...just huge!!!

More HUGE!

Luna....she is such a good puppy. After much walking and milling with hundreds of people, we found an outdoor cafe. She napped while I enjoyed fish tacos and iced tea. Of course, everybody at close-by tables had to talk and pet Luna. The wait-staff brought her iced water and cookies.

"We have to leave now Mom? How about just a few MORE cookies?"

Then it was a quick drive to the airport. I found a parking spot about 3 minutes away to await Char's call that she had indeed arrived and had baggage in tow.
You know I will find the closest sailboats within 50 miles of a given space.
Now this is airport parking!
Hmmm, a racer for sure.
We checked in to a hotel about 20 miles from SD close to where a friend of Charlotte's lives in Encinitas. Our room of ugly colors but clean with coffee is just fine.
Charlotte and Luna
Aunt Charlotte KNOWS Luna's secret spots.

Bunny, Charlotte's friend of 50 years, is fighting bone cancer. What a fun and joyous person she is. And what a fight she has going. Bunny is just kicking butt on this painful cancer and we had a great time with her leading the way to yarn shops and coffee shops and some great places to eat.
Charlotte, Krystal (one of Bunny's daughters) and Bunny
All four of us. Yes, my hair is GONE!!
We visited the Chopra Center at La Costa. Compared to his La Jolla site, which is no more, his shop at La Costa is a big nothing. It is about 15 feet squared of retail space and then spa treatments. His space at La Jolla was so great, it even had a small organic cafe. This one is a disappointment and I won't be going back unless there is a specfic reason.
La Costa grounds.
My past 'favorite' flower.
Charlotte and I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday hanging out with Bunny and telling stories of their many years together and the 'family' that they shared. It was big fun. Bunny's boyfriend, Tom, was a treat. Though with the 3 or four of us, he couldn't really get a word in edgewise too often.
On the way to dropping off Char at the airport, we drove by some serious sailboats!!
The Star of India
The ship next to the 'TSOI.' Note the submarine in the background.
And then I started my trek home. I decided to go the long way as I had never been through the Joshua Tree National Park or the Mojave National Preserve. The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park was a missed turn..but I have camped there before so was still excited to see it again.
Anza-Borrego is a lot of rocks.
When I camped here a few years ago, it was after a winter of rain in the southwest. The thousands of Ocotillos were in full bloom that February and a sight to behold.
The end of this May shows very little still left green and even less in this current drought.
But there are oasis' out there.
And a few blooming agave I believe.
Then on to JTNP.

Smoke Trees filed the many washes. They were everywhere.
Lots of washes, sand washes. And then flat desert and rocks.
Then thru the MDP. This is the train station at Kelso.

With LIVE trains. WOOT!!

The Kelso Depot is now open though Luna and I got there a little after 5 pm and just missed going on tour. It still looks like a nice place for a picnic. It was only 95* then.

There seemed to be more Joshua Trees in the MDP than the JTNP. Go figure.

We made it home by 7:30 pm safe and sound. I love driving thru the deserts of the southwest. While most people think of the desert as a barren place, I see life everywhere and love the open spaciousness.
Here are a few recipes from the Flagstaff Wild Forging Newsletter that contains some yummy things to eat from the desert! I even have a recipe for Russian Thistle Soup....must go find.

Millions long for immortality
who don't know what to do
on a rainy afternoon.

-- Susan Ertz


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