Monday, May 07, 2007

Dog or chicken?

See him here live!

This is how I will undoubtedly feel later today. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. My brain started worrying and then that was all she wrote in the sleep department.

And so what yammerings wander my grey goo? This mornings list included:

1) Money

and then in any unordered train of babbling thought(s):

New neighbors because Ike is moving.
Finding a job.
My huge Mesquite trees in back yard - falling over, need big trimmings, hence $$$. Last time I had the trees trimmed in my back yard it cost $1200.
Weird tooth thing starting????
Desert heat hence boat avoidance.
Global Warming.
No bees.
No whales.
No dolphins.
No food.
Neighbor behind me - because he is a dick
Fixing both toilets. One needs a new flapper, the other needs plumbing work done at the wall.
Would really like to have some friends over for dinner. In June.
Friend visiting from Israel in two weeks.
Bali Blinds - broken string. Afraid of breaking the plastic frame in attempt to remove and replace string. Have already BEEN to HomeDepot and asked for instructions. HomeDepot sucks. Spiders - just because.
Mr. Tuttles - is he OK? (Yes he is, but I worry anyway.)
Reorganize closet.
Wearing the 'Crazy Hat'
No family.
Las Vegas, no water, moving?
Dog Food - have to buy Luna a bag today. What if it's contaminated??

Ad nauseum. Along with 12 million other piddly thoughts. Good thing I meditate. I'd be putting on the 'Crazy Hat' on a regular basis if I didn't.

My Mom would listen to my rants over the phone or in person when she was alive. (For all I know, she's still listening.) When I was done, she would look at me with a wicked eye and say, "Don't forget about the Asteroids."

Things I'm really, really thankful for: health, Luna, my house, my car, friends. Food and water. Yarn. Boat. A shower with clean water. Reasonable air to breathe. My brain - even if it does keep me up in the early am. A body that totally works.

Really, just get up and get the brain to do something else already.

Simply Recipes' "Chickpea Potato Curry"

It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.
---Wendell Berry


Blogger Linda and Denny said...

"Don't forget about the Asteroids". *snort* Love it.

Wish I had a body that totally works--rub it in. *sigh*

Really, it will all work out. We believe in you. (((Kim & Luna)))

7:43 PM  

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