Thursday, May 03, 2007

Visiting RV Vagabonds!!!

Linda and Denny of RV Vagabonds hit the Nevada desert this week!! Woot!! I've been enjoying their website for quite some time.

Linda takes excellent pictures of all their travels with great commentary on the places they visit as they follow the sun. Living in their RV full-time, I think of them as cruising in a land-yacht as they travel the asphalt rivers of America!

We met up at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area with plans for geocaching and lunch.
The famous 'Red Rock' Stripe.

Linda and Denny are BIG geocachers. And, even bigger FUN!! We hiked, laughed and talked like we had been friends for a long time. Luna loved Denny on-the-spot.

Always smiling these two!

They had a GPS unit that Linda had already programmed with the coordinates for a number of caches that would be somewhat easy to get to on foot.

She had previously tweaked a knee and needed to 'baby' it. HA!! I think know she could out hike me!! Both of them scrambled over rocks and down steep trails like they were 20 years old.

Denny locates a geocache.

While hiking around looking for the caches, the opportunity to enjoy and smell many of the native Mojave Desert flowers in bloom presents itself. And it is not to be denied.

Cliffrose, Purshia mexicana. Very sweet smelling.

Luna always has too much fun in the desert, runing-running-running, smelling everything and keeping a watchful eye out for the next thing we should be aware of. She's always happy to meet people on the trail with kisses and rubs.

Luna in a 'Super Model' pose.

Red Rock has a number of 'outlook' points and it's always easy to find other people enjoying the view that are willing to help you snap a photo. And yes, I did cut off ALL my hair AGAIN. I donated TWO huge braids to Locks of Love. Guess I should put up pics of the braids someday.

'No Hair' holds on to 'Wiggle Worm' with Linda and Denny

Geocaching is really a fun thing to go out and do. Some of the geocaches have themes, some don't. The main objective is to find them and fill out the log that is in the box. Then you can take something out of the box, leave something in the box, or any combination it seems. The Geocaching site has tons of information for caches all over the world!!

Another cache of the day!!

Lichen along the way.

More Cliffrose.

We stopped for lunch at the Lost Creek Canyon of the park. Yum. Linda and Denny made deviled eggs, hummus and BROWNIES!!! I made sandwiches, potato salad and snacks. It was a feast under tall Cottonwoods. Just lovely would describe it perfectly!!

I'm always amazed when wild life has such little fear of man and dog. This beautiful bird, who I have heard about all my life from hunting friends, pretty much hung out with us for our entire lunch. I threw him bits of pita which he gobbled up. He even took a piece from my hand.

A friendly Chukkar.

After lunch, we continued on with some geocaching in that area.

Blooming Prickly Pear

Another find!!! This cache had a 'children's theme.

Luna approves!!

Inside the cache box.

Mormon Tea

Luna and I had a great time with Linda and Denny. They are delightful humans. We looking forward to their return for more geocaching and BROWNIES.

Please check out their RV Vagabonds site and if you're smart, you'll invite them for a picnic. They're both geocaching and picnic experts. And Linda and Denny, when you come back......

Don't forget the BROWNIES.

Accidental Hedonist's "Herbed Leek Tart"

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Hmm, since you did such a wonderful job of describing our day together (great pictures for someone who just holds out the camera and snaps, by the way) I guess not only will I have to bring brownies, but maybe I'll even put icing on them. Icing--is that a midwestern term? Frosting? Thick gooey layer of chocolate-y goodness?

It was SO much fun regardless!

6:13 AM  

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