Wednesday, May 09, 2007

FDA Warns Staff On Major Melamine Health Risks

Heads up from Brilliant at Breakfast & Itchmo:

"The FDA has issued a surveillance order for Chinese vegetable proteins on May 1 — including corn gluten and wheat products — based on melamine contamination.

Despite repeated FDA statements saying that there is no risk to human health from contaminated pigs and chickens, the FDA surveillance order indicates otherwise. It states: Pregnant women should not perform this assignment. (Emphasis Itchmo)

"Melamine and additional related contaminants have been found in concentrations of up to 20% in analyzed samples. The MSDS for pure melamine is attached as attachment B and includes warnings “to avoid breathing dust, avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing”. Chronic exposure may cause cancer or reproductive damage."

Clearly, the FDA is concerned with the safety of their own staff’s exposure to melamine-tainted foods. Despite this warning, the FDA told the press and us yesterday that animals that ate tainted foods were safe for human consumption.

This PDF document contains the basis for FDA’s warning to it’s staff.

In fact, the Chinese factory that produced melamine-tainted wheat products was long associated with toxic symptoms. (Reg. required) ."

Amazing how the FDA can issue a warning to its staff about melamine and AT THE SAME TIME tell the PUBLIC that FUNDS IT that there is no problem concerning EATING IT. We are mammals. We have kidneys similar in function to the cats and dogs that died. The melamine might be somewhat 'processed' thru the animals that ate it, but *......*. We are sheep being led to slaughter by corporte greed. Bottom line.

Wow. I'm sure not eating any chicken or pork for a while. I was a vegetarian for years until tacos did me in. I'm giving serious consideration to going back to being a almost-vegetarian (not vegan, I'm am so NOT giving up cheese), maybe for the summer.

And anything the FDA says, especially with it's newly fangled 'powers,' I am NOT going to believe or to put faith in. I'm just not. Between the food and drug information they pump out TO THE PUBLIC, they are NOT to be trusted. They are owned by both the drug companies and the big agi companies. As always, follow the inside info and follow the money.

I am thinking about turning into one of those types of people who really, really wants to KNOW where my food is coming from. By eliminating 'non-organic' meat, I'm thinking at least I can source most of my food

And/or if I only eat organic meat 1 or 2 times a week, my food bill would probably stay even. I buy 25% organic foods now and by reducing crap foods and increasing organics, I bet I stay at the same money amount but increase my veggies, fruits and other sources of proteins.

THAT would only be a good thing. A lot more work and time, but a much better 'thing.'

And truly, we are what we eat. Whatever you put in your body, you are. Food is medicine. And not just for your body, your brain is affected by what you eat. And often, your moods are affected by your brain chemistry. You are what you eat.

Simply Recipes' "Asparagus Pesto with Pasta"

Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf.
--Lewis Mumford

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