Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Beginning....

A good trip always starts somewhere. And while mine usually start in the living room with all manners of bag packing, the start across a state line is usually more interesting to report.

This winged beings are always the beginning or the end of a eastern directed road trip for me. While I call them the 'Guardians of Hoover Dam,' their real moniker is 'Winged Figures of the Republic.'

Not only are they 32-foot bronze works of art, additionally the floor upon which they stand is a 'star map' of our universe. If you haven't walked beneath them and experienced our universe at your feet, you should make a stop and do so.

"The monument's terrazzo floor, which paid homage to the Native American heritage of the surrounding land, holds a celestial map pinpointing the precise astronomical time--September 30, 1935, 8:56 p.m.--when President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the dam."

The Hoover Dam Guardians.

Sigh. Big sigh. The southwest desert landscape is always beautiful to me. Even the barren Nevada desert plains. But the classical mesa topped areas of the southwest inspire a deep sigh from somewhere within my soul. I often feel like I can finally relax out in that openness. My shoulders drop and I feel at home.

The southwest out of my car window.

This is a road trip with my friend Chris. She is going to a 'writers' conference' at the Ghost Ranch just outside of Santa Fe, NM. I'm along for the ride to help drive, drop her off at the GR, visit some friends, pick her up at the GR, and return home.

So it begins. One the way up, we stayed at the Sage Inn in Santa Fe. It was very nice and very clean. We had a very fun and delicious dinner at Tomasita's.

Me at Tomasita's.

Chris at Tomasita's.

We liked Tomasita's so much we tried to go back Sunday night. But they were closed!! Most of Santa Fe dining seems closed on Sunday night. Strange for such a touristy spot.

At the Santa Fe Plaza there was more than retail. A small shady spot showcased a few incredible birds. This little guy was rescued and now living with a raptor rescue group. I don't remember what type of owl he is. Pygmy?

All of six inches sleeping.

More of my trip will follow. Blogger, BlogThis, and Picasa no longer make loading more than four pictures per post an easy thing to do. So, I'm back-posting. Picking a few pictures and writing a story then loading them with the dates they happened.

I'll post more of the trip tomorrow. Please stop back.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."
--Marcel Proust



Blogger Linda and Denny said...

I loved the Art Deco/Egyptian look of your "guardians" the moment I first saw them. So sleek and strong.

You look so comfortable in yourself there in Santa Fe! Denny and I will keep the restaurant recommendation in mind.

Aww! The owl!

3:55 AM  

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