Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chevron Scarf Yuck

I'm having some 'yuck' issues with one of two colors that I picked out for the 'Chevron Scarf' from "Last Minute Gifts."

I'm knitting with "Socks That Rock" yarns from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I LOVE the way the yarn feels but am NOT liking my color combo.....

Fun and easy pattern to knit.

But is it me or......

Does the 'G-Rock' colorway have WAY MORE YELLOW and PINK in it than what shows from the computer picture on their website copied below?

Not much yellow in the photo above. But, boy oh boy, is there yellow in the skein that showed up at my door!
Really, I just can't stand YELLOW and I am always uncertain about pink. I think to the frog pond it goes and I must find another color to use.
'Yuck' is all that keeps going through my mind on the G-Rocks colorway. Yuck.
There. Knitting. I have been knitting. I'm down to less than 50 stitches on my 'Black Clapotis.' I also have a few other knitting projects marinading in my brain.
One being 'Ene's Scarf' from "Scarf Style." How pretty is THAT?
Side Note: I am sooooo disliking Blogger, Picasa and BlogThis. Takes WAY TO LONG to load up more than four lousy pictures. And the new HTML coding on Blogger is a nightmare to work thru when trying to just adjust the layout and spacing of a few damn lines. Grrmmmmbbblllll....
Google has ruined Blogger and Picasa I think. Every time I have to blog it irritates me; it used to be so easy. Now it takes at least 30 minutes to do anything and have it look reasonable.
Simply Recipes' "Penne with Ricotta and Asparagus"

“Use the talents you possess;
for the woods would be very silent
if no birds sang except the best.”

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Pink--the color of sunrise and sunset, so how could I not love it. But the yellow? Not so much. Loved the pattern of the scarf, though.

Blogger irritates me to no end now. I gave up on Blog This. Hello/Picasa and Blogger used to work so wonderfully and easy together. Now it's a chore to post pictures. Have you noticed that if you spell check on Blogger when you have pictures in your post it changes the html of the pictures so they don't show up? Yep. Grr. I've seriously been considering Wordpress.

4:09 AM  
Blogger babette said...

Funny, I like those colors together!
It is strange how people's color taste change. I used to hate anything with pink or yellow in it, now I'm begining to appreciate it more and even adding those colors to my stash .
I am not getting along with the new blogger also, liked the beta version better.

3:26 AM  
Blogger andeegail said...

Hiya. Just wanted to say I agree with you. I ended up really liking G-Rock, but it has a lot more yellow and bright magenta than the photo! However, I don't think it is a bad combo?

3:45 PM  

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