Friday, August 24, 2007

Mornings Start With A Walk

::Oregon Beach Vacation Review Continues::

Few things in life are as nice as having a cup of coffee with your best friend. It's just icing on the proverbial cake when said circumstances include fog and beach.

Turtle Rock Fog

:photo credit : Turtle Rock Resort

Every morning at the crack of dawn, Charlotte, Lobo, Luna and I would load up in her van with said coffee and drive about five minutes through Gold Beach. We'd cross the bridge, usually in fog, and turn onto a dirt road next to the Rogue River jetty which provided easy access to the beach.

At that turn there are a number of little 'houses' with feeding dishes, known as the Rogue River Cat Sanctuary, where volunteers take care of feral cats in the area. The Woof's Dog Bakery & Wash (where we bought Luna's 'ugly' green and red sweater -- but geesh, it was the only one that would fit her and she was COLD!!) has information if you're curious.

Cat Sanctuary

Down a few turns and dirt roads later, we would park and walk over the sand dunes to the morning running track and stick factory.

Running Luna

Lobo, Sand & Fog

The dogs thought they were in heaven! Charlotte and I thought it was pretty magnificent too!

Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World, Charlotte

I have a stick and you don't!

Lobo & Rock

Tired of the dogs pictures yet? Here's one without.

Sunshine and Rock

Lobo Nose & Feather

We'd walk and walk and walk. The air was so clean and smelled so fine. It was always breezy and just the perfect temperature for a little bundle-up.

After that, we'd head back to the cottages for more coffee and to see who was up among the late risers. While breakfast was usually the plan, timing made it brunch. Some days waffles! (Mike went to a second hand store and bought 3 irons just for the trip. Smart guy.) With bacon and eggs, donuts, coffee and more coffee everyday. All was grand food in the morning sun.

Tanya and Luna

Luna found a great new friend in Tanya who was always spoiling her with pillows, covers and lots of hugs. Lucky dog.

One afternoon, we all went back down to the beach. Gerhart and Sue bought a round of fish and chips and we hit the sand for an afternoon of fun.

Casey, Luna & Tanya

We found a great wind break, set up seating and pigged out!

Almost all of us!

Walks were taken.

It's Very Blue, Isn't It?

More running and jumping was featured.

HA!! Just HA!!

Life flew by.


Crazy people (Mike, that's you!) jumped in the ocean for a swim.

Casey, Gerhart & Charlotte Watch Mike in Surf

Some had to join in.

Mike and Luna in the Surf

Some of us sat for a minute.

Hot Rock Therapy Provided by Tanya

Some of us hugged. (Congrats to Casey & Tanya, married about three weeks previous.)

Newlyweds Casey & Tanya

Now THAT is an afternoon on the beach.

Another 'event' was ONE of the quick celebrations of Karen's Birthday. She always makes us wear hats (how cute are they????) that SHE makes JUST for the occasion. (Notice NO FLOWERS on HER hat!!) We even walked paraded the resort so everybody could view our hats!!

Karen's Birthday Party Hats!

Then, when we were done with all the busyness of the day and the sunset would finally fall, we would usually try to be somewhere where we could enjoy the changing colors.

Sunset Lighting On Trees Behind Our Cottage

And the beach view is usually the best!

Sunset at Turtle Rock

Here's some more pics from the week:

Middle of the Week Slide Show

Simply Recipes' "Grilled Sake Ginger Salmon"

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
I travel for travel's sake.
The great affair is to move."

--Robert Louis Stevenson

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Anonymous chris said...

Congrats, girl friend! You do this sooo well, you should be outlawed or licensed or something. Ha!Just Ha! Big Fun! It took me a while to see the hot rock therapy thing, but when I did, oh my. I love your comments and captions. The cat houses, oh my. What genius. FYI: I made it all the way to end, enjoyed every minute and got hugged!!!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Your posts on Turtle Rock Resort make me want to be there with the gang. Excellent posts and pictures and I am SO jealous of your road trip!

Is there a story behind the birthday hats? Such fun--does she fit the hat to the personality?

I bet there were geocaches up there too!

4:09 AM  

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