Thursday, August 23, 2007

You'll Know Oregon By The Fog

::Oregon Beach Vacation Review Continues::

I was surprised to see some sailing going on as I was whizzing down the road. This is the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. What a beautiful spot!!! There was a marina with lots of sailboats in the far distance.

Look! Sailing!!

As I cruised along highway 299 west, the road became more and more and more curvy. And winding. And filled with water.

After a few hours, we finally hit 101. Ocean and trees. And more ocean and trees. Finally, the Redwoods!!!

As Luna and I sped past the "Trees of Mystery," we laughed and giggled and reminisced about our last visit there with Charlotte and Lobo and how much BIG fun we had. (Shut up, Luna and I do too laugh and giggle together.)

Here is a little review from that January 2005 road trip:

REALLY big trees are the 'Trees of Mystery"

See? Really, really, really big.

You can eat as many crab cakes as you like if you visit the 'Trees of Mystery' somewhere while in the timeline of your trip. Because you look so SMALL next to the trees, no one would ever guess you gained five pounds. (did not, did too. Shut up.)

They have the coolest see-thru tram going up the mountain!! Luna loved it. Lobo, not so much. A bubble run up into the sky. Surrounded by fat-hiding big trees. (Shut up.)

We loved it!!

I would have stopped and done it again this trip if there hadn't been a full parking lot. The first time was GREAT!! The Gift Shop INVITED our dogs in!! Wolf-like and Pit-like dogs -- invited into a shop filled with GLASS!!! And small children with ice cream!!! Believe it or not, their shop is set up for dogs with BIG tails. LOVED this place.

It looked so hokey from the outside. It was one of the nicest man-made highlights of our trip!

The view looking down!

While that January 24, 2005, there were NO cars in the parking lot and we had the whole place to ourselves, today the parking lot was packed! Luna and I were glad to see they had the business as we LOVED our past experience there.

Really, you must stop and visit the 'Trees of Mystery'

So, after the 'Trees of Mystery' drive-by, of which I obviously can NOT say enough good things about, we continued on north on highway 101.

We were now in the land of the Big Redwoods on the side of the road waiting to eat us.

As you past Crescent City, CA and drive across into OR, I swear the fog starts right up.


Also: lots of big rocks in the ocean.

Luna and I made the Turtle Rock RV Resort and Campground by 3:30pm.

We had friends waiting! So, here's the rundown:

Luna (you know who)
Charlotte (my bestest friend)
Lobo (Charlotte's Dog and Luna's Boyfriend)
Karen (Charlotte's dot)
Mike (Karen's husband, Charlotte's SIL, Marianne's son)
Marianne (Mike's Mom)
Molly (Charlotte's niece)
Kevin and Carol (Charlotte's son and his fiancee)
Gerhart and Sue (Marianne's bother and SIL)
Tanya and Casey (Gerhart and Sue's daughter and SIL)

So there you go. Two cottages, one tent camping site and the ocean!

Molly, Charlotte's niece from Phoenix, AZ.

Karen, Mike and Marianne's cottage has a 'lagoon' and speck-o-the-ocean view. We spent a lot of time on this patio eating and laughing. Too much fun.

Marianne (from Las Vegas) and Mike (from Mill Creek, WA)

Lobo will mostly be in this position after a long car ride. He never, NEVER, and I can't stress the NEVER enough here, lays down in the car if it's moving. Charlotte and I know this from our 2,000 mile road trip in 2005. He NEVER laid down once in the van.

So, this is what he'll look like for a few hours AFTER getting out.

Lobo the Great

EEKKK!!! Here are two of my 10 most favorite people in the WORLD. My FAVORITE!!!

Charlotte and her daughter, Karen

The view from the deck of Cottage #42.

The rocky walk to the almost-made-it-to-the-beach.

The sunset.

We really liked Turtle Rock Resort. Especially our 'forest' cottage, #22. It's about a 2 minute walk from Karen and Mike's #42. But we have ferns and trees. And no car/highway noise. And a FIREPLACE!!

Here's more photos from the beginning of the week:

More photos from last week's trip tomorrow!! Crab Cakes with Basil Mayonnaise

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Okay, I've put Trees of Mystery on our list of places to see. Thanks for sharing.

Love the pictures, even the bones and dog butts. I especially enjoyed the huge, mystical fingers in the shot of the ocean rocks mid-blog. Snort.

3:41 AM  

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