Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Burns Me Up Too!!

From: Bitch Ph.D.

"Ooh this just burns me up.

Not like we didn't all already know that being female and speaking your mind makes you a bitch (and proud of it), but there's a new study coming out that tells you what it's costing you to act like a human being.

The average salary assigned to the angry man was almost $38,000 compared to about $23,500 for the angry woman and in the region of $30,000 for the other two candidates.
"Participants rated the angry female CEO as significantly less competent than all of the other targets, including even the angry female trainee," Brescoll wrote. She said they viewed angry females as significantly more "out of control."

That impacted salaries. Unemotional women were assigned on average $55,384 compared to $32,902 for the angry ones. Male executive candidates were assigned more than trainees, regardless of anger, with an average $73,643.

Almost enough to make you lose your temper, isn't it?"

I'm already there.

And don't forget this: "On Payday, It's Still A Man's World."


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