Monday, September 17, 2007

New Free Email Address That Downloads Into Outlook

My phone company is getting rid of Earthlink as its DSL provider. Which means my personal email address will be changed.

Having to notify those you love, go thru those those that are no longer valid, and update other incoming lists to a new email address makes me more crazy than I already am!

Plus, I like having a COPY of my emails on my computer and not just 'out-there' in cyberspace with some free email program. In doing a little research, I found that Gmail will allow you to use your POP settings in Outlook to receive your email for free!

So, I signed up for a free Gmail account thru Google. Then changed the POP setting settings in my new Gmail account. Went into Outlook and added my new Gmail account email account. And Waaaalllaaa!

Now my new personal email is coming thru Gmail into my Outlook program. If I'm away from my computer, I can check my email. But no matter what, it still loads into my Outlook so I can work from that program -- reading and writing. And since the emails are going into Outlook, it also allows me to back up emails when I desire!

I'm one happy camper except for the upcoming work of weeding out all the emails that are bounced back from 'friends' because they are no longer valid. And updating things like 'Word of the Day,' HOS, etc.

I've known this was coming for a while and have been dreading it. Had considered getting a permanent paid Windows Live/Hotmail or Yahoo account to start using which would have allowed me to download the emails in to my Outlook program. Lucked out finding out about Gmail. WOOT!! Now onto the work of notifying everybody. Ug.

As Rosanna RosannaDanna's Mother said....."it's always something."


Anonymous Nora said...

Thank you for the beautiful poem. I've read it over and over... It made me cry and smile. Thank you so very much. x

3:32 PM  

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