Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do-Not-Call Lists To Expire Soon!

Telephone "Do Not Call Lists" EXPIRE SOON!!

"It's a problem the entire country will face next year, when the first people who signed up are dropped from the federal 'Do Not Call list.'

The five-year limit was set in place to purge the list of Americans who invariably move or change numbers. But for telemarketers, a lack of awareness about the expiration date signals new opportunity."

Check here to verify if your numbers are already listed. If not, list them.

It's easy to list your numbers. You can list them at The National Do Not Call Registry or the FCC site. (Here's the FTC FAQ with lots of good answers.)

"Did you get an email claiming that your cell phone is about to be assaulted by telemarketing calls because of a new cell phone number database?

Those claims are not true. In fact, federal law prohibits telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phones. You may place your personal cell phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry, but there is generally no reason to do so. For more information, see the FTC's press release "The Truth about Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry"."

I listed my cell phone number anyway. When I checked verification of my home numbers, the registry noted they were set to expire next year.

Guess I'll register them again right away. I believe it will extend the 5-year rule. I have a hard enough time calling and talking to people I know and love. Who the hell wants to talk to people I don't know??? Not me.

::Update:: Yep. I re-registered my home numbers and they will NOW expire in 2012. Guess I'll put THAT date on my Outlook Calendar to REDO again.


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