Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Our Burgers Still Aren’t Safe

This is a fascinating article! I had no idea how the cow meat in our county was processed, let alone tested.

"For most manufacturers, profit is tied to production, and the industry that turns bovines into burgers is no different: The top four meatpacking companies process more than 60,000 head of cattle a day. Given this staggering amount of cow, it makes you wonder how they test all of it for contamination. They don't."
Guess I won't be having any more burgers or steaks 'medium-rare.' I always knew it wasn't the smartest cooking choice, but I don't like 'slab' meat over cooked. I am seriously now considering only buying organic grass-fed beef for the few times I do cook it. And no more Del Taco. All this is very sad. Fortunately, lamb, which is my favorite, doesn't seem to suffer from mad-cow issues. Though I'm sure that E. coli is still an issue.

We are what we eat. I think I'll be chicken today.

Simply Recipes' "Chicken Piccata"

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