Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lake Mead at sunset

Lake Mead is so beautiful at sunset. Just look at the pink mountains!! Sometimes the water matches the sky and all the world seems red and pink.

Lake Mead Marina at sunset

Miss Luna enjoying a dog nap at the lake.

Luna Perfect Puppy Dog

Here's Clapotis with TWO life lines in. While I'm really starting to get a feel for knitting this, I just don't want to take the chance and have to frog AGAIN!!!! So, I'm using 'dental floss' to run a line thru at a line of purl stitches in case I have to rip it again.

And, I'm not loving how the edge is looking. But, I'm going to continue on and ignore it. Hopefully it will block out a little more even.

Clapotis with lifelines

See, how lumpy the edge is. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a moleshill. Or maybe I just don't slip the first stitch correctly. I always slip it purlwise. Of course, the PFB might not be right too. But I've looked it up and I think I'm doing it correctly. Onward!!!

Still HATE how the edge looks lumpy Posted by Hello

I'm starting to get much more comfortable with this except for the KBL stitch. Is that the same as a purl stitch that people are doing instead of putting in markers? I have to have markers. It would be too difficult to see where to do the next KBL I think.

Really like doing this knit though.


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