Tuesday, May 24, 2005

YoooouuWhhoooo, Becky!!!

Flower Basket Shawl Posted by Hello

Lookie, lookie!! This is the first section/repeat of the Flower Basket Shawl. Becky at Knitting interrupted has already done THREE of these!! And it's only because of her Notes: FBS that I even started out with some concept of how to read a lace chart!! I just didn't get it before.

So I spent some time last night trying to start out with my Lorna's Laces 'Helen's Lace' trying to cast on and pretty much gave up on doing something so thin while learning. I just couldn't see each stitch. Especially where you're supposed to pick up and knit one stitch at the garter row salvage edge. So I grabbed some Wool-Ease and cast on as directed with the stupid little 'crochet and pick-up and knit' beginning from hell. I decided to do the first section thru and see how it went.

I'm just pleased as punch!! Look at the flower baskets and YO's. And, it's all because of Becky's great notes and support. Thank you Becky!!!! Your FBS notes made sense and I learned how to do something new. How fun is that??? I now have a basic concept of how to read a lace chart and COUNT my stitches AND Yarn Overs. I just love learning how to do something new.

So, Broken Foot and I will later today try to cast on with the 'Helen's Lace' I actually bought for the FBS. If it's still too thin for my first time out with FBS, I'll have to go to my LYS (Oh NO) 'Gail Knits' and find something oh so not thin. I don't want to double up on 'Helen's Lace' and have to try to keep up with the stitch count. And I'm a stitch counting fool!!!

Thank you Becky!!! Thank you for teaching me something that will effect the rest of my life. I'm sure learning how to knit lace will be a fun if not maddening endeavor because I think I'm hooked on lace!! Oh NO!!

So, I'm off to frog this piece and free up the needles. Wool-ease is 80% acrylic so it won't block out correctly. But I'm so thrilled with what I learned. Thanks to Becky!!!!


Anonymous Becky said...

OH MY! GRIN.... Thanks for all the wonderful comments girl! Your "test FBS" is looking great! I did tell you that I had to practice that cast on thingamajig about 12 times before I "got it" didn't I??? And like you I definately wouldn't try doubling the yarn. That's just volunteering for torture. I agree!

I used fingering weight yarn for my FBS's and it works out great!

I can't wait to see what it looks like next time I visit!

11:28 AM  

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