Friday, May 06, 2005

Foot Still Broken, Bad Clapotis News

Well, my foot is still broken and I guess it will stay that way for 4-6 weeks. If I was a smoker, the doc said it would be 8-12 weeks. Yikes!! Glad I don't smoke. I'm sure I'll be CRAZED within two weeks with this foot stuff. Ex-boyfriend Kenny joked that I'll probably gain weight sitting around all day. Jes, something else to worry about.

Bad, bad news on Clapotis. Seems I added a extra stitch on the just started Straight Section. Tried to fix it, but the fix was causing the 'drop stitch' to not drop. So I frogged to first LifeLine.

Tried for over 2 hours to get stitches on needle when then a stitch took the LL and dropped down three rows. don't know what to do with THAT or how to fix it. Frogged down to next LL. Stitch count doesn't match up with Row count. I'm sure that has to do with the first slipped stitch and the last stitches being KFB and PFB. They're supposed to be different and I can't figure them out as I look at them.

So, I think I'm going to have to frog this whole thing and start over. I can't EVEN tell you how frustrated and disappointed I am about this. And I really thought that if I put in some LL it would help me if I needed to frog. But since I can't figure out where I'm at, what's the point?

I just want to lay down, go to sleep and not wake up. I'm so frustrated with all of this. The LAST thing I want is a broken foot. It's May, the weather means I should be outside doing stuff. Instead I'm stuck inside, with foot up and a failed piece of knitting. I'm so mad.

At least Luna is still a perfect dog.


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