Monday, May 16, 2005

Gail Knits & Trendsetter Trunk Show

Saturday, Gail Knits had a Trendsetter Trunk Show to which I took my Broken Foot. Wow! Talk about some really fun yarns and garments made from said yarns. Gail has quite the talent for picking out some of the most beautiful and fun yarns around. Her store is always full of delights and I was really good about NOT adding to my stash this time around as I had hoarded
gathered up much of her yarn selection on previous visits. But I did fondle handle a few.

Gail Knits, my LYS!

I just sssssssssssooooo wanted to take a skein of this purple and green yarn home but was strong and didn't as I have to wait until I have worked thru my AbFab which has similar yarn for fondling in the privacy of my own home.

Yummy, Yummy Yarn

Now I know I went over there to 'look' at yarn and did pick up a few extra skeins for my Clapotis since the yardage requirement had been updated. What I didn't know was there were 'secret' dealings happening in my LYS.

See as I'm moving slowly with Broken Foot, I can amazingly eavesdrop hear more than usual. I was standing close to the delightful and kind Gwen with my nose stuffed into a wonderful handful of yarn when I heard her whisper to Wendy........

"I Have A Little Secret I Need To Share With You....."

You see, pretty much I'm thinking that the whole world evolves around Gail Knits. Kind of like Moths to Flame, Mice to Cheese, Politicians to Shit, etc. And I knew, in my heart of hearts, that Gail ran the Knitting Universe though she tries to be oh-so-casual about it. She just goes about her shop, talking and helping, making yarn suggestions and answering questions like she has all the time and knowledge in the universe!!

Of course, she is very smart. She has Yarn Minions Angels to help. And they are seriously trained to entice help you with all matters relating to the Knitting Universe and your serious crack knitting habit.

Now these Yarn Minions Angels can suck weave others into their diabolical stitchery way of thinking. I knew that soft-spoken and kind Gwen was one to always be suspicious watch out of the corner of my eye. She has always been not-snobby-at-all kind and gentle with the fact though I find yarn easy to buy and I ACT like I know what I'm going to do with reality I don't have a ****ing clue I'm a pretty new knitter.

So imagine my delight when I spied was privileged to watch Gwen PRONOUNCE Wendy as Co-Mistress of the Knitting Universe!!!

I Now Pronounce You.....

Co-Mistress of the Knitting Universe with Me!!

(I'm sure there was much champagne drinking in the backroom later, but I had to take Broken Foot home.)

Official Gwen and Wendy Now Run The Knitting Universe Picture

I am so scared for Wendy, because wellllllllllll.....I had always thought of her as kind and shy. And she has the most delightful smile. But then she brought out her 'Wrap of Power' and I knew, she too, was now a Yarn Minion Angel. It was the 'Wrap of Power' that finally proved it. A most beautiful item to lure those of us flapping around the edges of yarn desire, blinding us with, "OMG, have you felt this yarn?"

Wow, I am so coveting lusting greedily desiring loving this black 'Wrap of Power' she whipped up. Almost looks like Ravens Wings. I even have a Black Feather Hat that was my Grandmothers that would match it perfectly!! Not that I really have any where to WEAR said hat. I'm thinking it would be out of place in Costco....... But I soooo love this wrap.

So, now I'm pretty sure that both Gwen and Wendy are Yarn Minions Angels, I'll have to be EXTRA careful when I'm back in the crack yarn heaven known as Gail Knits.

They like ALL the same stuff I do and I'm sure will be even more than extra kind and push more yarn crack helpful the next time I'm visiting their place of worship business. Gail has them trained oh-so-well in all matters of yarn evilness joy.

Of course, there still may be hope for Wendy. As I was leaving she was trying to give everybody in Gail's computer a $50.00 store credit gift.

$50.00 Credit To Everybody Since I Run The Knitting Universe...

Oh yea, the Trunk Show. How's this for some interesting garments from Trendsetter yarns?

Trendsetter Trunk Show

And last but not least, I live in Las Vegas. We get to wear shoes like this every-damn-day if we want and NOBODY thinks its weird. There are a few things I just LOVE about LV. Like the fact that Rebecca (I think that's her name, sorry if I'm not correct) is as cute as a pixie AND had a Mickey/Minnie tee-shirt on (see the first photo). With THESE shoes. I just thought it was all so perfect. And I'm soooooo wishing........

I'm SSOOOO wishing these were MY shoes!!! Posted by Hello

Of course, since I have a Broken Foot, she could just give me ONE!! Yea, that's the ticket!! R-I wear a 6 or 7. She could keep one and I could keep one. What do you think?????????

Lastly, here's more Clapotis blather:

Luna & Three Drop Clapotis

Big Clapotis Posted by Hello

Clapotis Stitch Count Excel Spreadsheet will be posted when I'm done with this!!


Anonymous gwen said...

girl, you are absolutely insane!!!
but what can i say? it's true...wendy is an angel and her shawl rocks.
it was so good that you...and your foot...made it to the shop for the trunk show.
: )

12:32 PM  

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