Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Broken Foot!!

How's THIS for ugly??? Broke my right foot in at least 3 places on this past Sunday. Will see the Ortho Doc tomorrow for boot/cast fitting. What an ordeal just getting thru the 'medical system' on this. And I have my own insurance. It hurts. Hoping for knitting time somewhere during healing time.

Broken Right Foot - YUG!

Luna is a serious napper.....Guess we're both in for down time for a few weeks.

Luna Dog Napping

Lake Mead gets its share of wild weather. This storm came up with 50 mph winds and rain, then was gone in 60 minutes.


Marin before rain storm

Marina during rain storm Posted by Hello

I'm moving on the 'straight' section of Clapotis when I'm able to knit. Photos tomorrow.


Anonymous the country girl said...

Kim you poor thing. Look at your foot. How did you do that? Yikes! Love the puppy pic. Just adorable and the rest of the photos are lovely. Okay I give WHERE do you live??? Grin.

6:21 PM  

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