Friday, June 03, 2005

Rest in Peace VC

Well, little VC (Vocal Cord) passed away in his sleep last night.

VC Purring Away

We don't have a clue what changed but late afternoon he started acting very agitated and pretty much grunted with every breath. Poor little guy. When we first got him we felt there was something wrong internally with him. But he finally started to eat just fine and poop ok too. He did have difficultly walking but we don't know how old he is so we don't know how he is supposed to walk at this age.

Here he is purring away laying in the sun in the afternoon a few days ago.

VC Purring in the Grass

He certainly was very cute and it was an absolute joy to take care of the little guy. I never knew that raccoons purred, but you sure knew when he was happy. Helen and Jim were going to donated him to a Natural Animal Preserve when he got off the bottle. Sad morning here. We're going to freeze his little body and keep it for a month in case any of the other animals or people in the house-hold come down with something. He didn't seem diseased, but you never know. What a cute little guy. I'm so sad to have lost him.

Luna is such a good dog. She's the same way with small dogs and cats. Amazing.

Luna and VC

Off to feed goat babies!! I am so sad and really miss little VC but I'm sure he's in Raccoon Heaven. Good sleeping my little noise maker!! Raccoon Heaven will only be blessed by your presence.


Blogger Heather said...

How very sad! I am so sorry to hear the little guy didn't make it. You are a wonderful person to have taken such good care of him.

Thanks for the info on the store in Taos. I'll be there in September and will be going there and to La Lana Wools!

10:40 AM  
Blogger strikemyheart said...

Hey kim it's natalie...
I finally have internet!!! my computer is officially virus free and I can post more now... yay!
Come see my blog... I put two more poems on there and posted some really exciting news!!!
I hope you are well and luna is too...
talk to you later!

8:37 PM  

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