Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Broken Foot & Babies!!

Broken Foot and I got the go-ahead from the Doc on driving up to San Pablo, CO for a few days. No hiking or riding. Which is a good thing because it seems the Universe had other plans for me anyway as you'll see......

Here is where Luna and I are hanging out right now. Just north of the Colorado border, about a hour's drive from Taos, New Mexico. San Pablo, CO is just 10 minutes from San Luis, CO.

Helen & Jim's Ranch, San Pablo, CO

Here is what is keeping me so busy. A baby raccoon, about 3 weeks old. Jim found him on the road. He's been named "VC" for 'vocal cord.' You would never think that something that fits in the palm of your hand could make so much noise when it's hungry or mad.

Baby Raccoon, "VC" Posted by Hello

Here's his favorite place...under my chin. He even purrs like a cat!!!

Safe Under My Chin Asleep

Luna could care less. She gives him a nose sniffle and away on to better things...like naps!

What Luna Thinks About All This ....

There are even OTHER babies at the Ranch!! A momma goat died so we're hand-feeding two baby goats too!! Which makes for not much other time......

The 'other' babies at the Ranch

Some of the Angora goats just think Luna is the prettiest dog when she gets to visit.

"I'm thinking that Luna is very pretty." "Me too."

Here's the mountains view facing towards Denver.

The Santa De Cristo's from the front yard. Posted by Hello

More baby stuff later when my internet isn't so slow!! Great weather right now. About 70*. Heaven!!


Anonymous Becky said...

Oh Kim now why didn't you take me with you there???!!!! Looks like a blast! And Luna looks pissed! LOL! BECKY LOVES YOU LUNA!!! [[[hugs to luna]]]

And we need a photo of the cotton that you are going to do the FBS in pretty please! I wanna see!

12:34 PM  
Anonymous becky said...

Just wanted to thank you for my card! It arrived today! What a photo! Thank you! That's quite a shot! LOL! Hugs to LUna.... more pics of the vacation spot please!!!!!! It looks so heavenly!

Pics of the FBS TOO!

12:08 PM  

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