Thursday, August 25, 2005

Jeanette's Birthday

No knitting this week as I've been doing the 'birthday circuit' with all my Leo and Virgo friends. Funny how certain signs bunch up in your life isn't it? How lucky am I to have strong, funny and smart friends? I am so blessed.

Last night I had too much fun celebrating Jeanette's birthday! Nancy, Jeanette and I went to Rosemary's Restaurant for a most scrumptious dinner.

Jeanette's Birthday

Seared Foie Gras, Pepper Seared Sea Scallops, Wild Mushroom Orzo, Crispy Prosciutto, Micro Herb Salad & Black Truffle Emulsion and Creme Brulee is what I had. Wow, incredible!!! A Creole-Spiced New York Strip and Rack of Lamb also showed up on our table. What a dinner!!! And I just loved how they wrote "Happy Birthday Jeanette" on a desert plate for her. Big fun was had all the way around I think. There are recipes for some of their dishes on their website.

Jeanette has been one of my best friends for almost seven years. I met her right after my parents died and she basically talked me into going to work for Cirque Du Soleil in the "O" show. She has been the Head Honcho over the Lighting Departments of "O," "Zumanity," and now "Ka," and a few of their other shows. I can't remember them all. Director of Electrics is or was her title. Now it's probably just "Master of the Cirque Lights And Anything Else That Is Bright" at ALL Shows because she just runs everything. She's so smart, funny and such a workaholic.

Nancy runs the show at Zumanity but I don't know what her 'proper' title is right now. Probably something like, "Head Person of Telling Everybody When To Take Off Their Clothes And Move Person," or something like that. She is big fun too.

Jeanette and I even have BEAR history. Yep, she too has been taken in by the National Park's "Fake You Out" bear program. Years ago, we did a few days of camping in the Sequoia National Park.

(Kindly notice there are NO BEARS in the above picture....I'm just saying....) The Rangers there would tell us at least 4 times a day WHERE the Mom BEAR and her Cubs were. We'd pass the spot where they were said to be. NEVER, EVER SAW the BEARS ONCE. It's a marketing ploy throughout the whole National Park system. Didn't even see Bear Poop there! We did see a car with a BEAR BUSTED OUT window, but we just figured it was part of the "Fake You Out" campaign. Even the couple who owned the car that had the BEAR BUSTED OUT window never saw the bear. Sneaky Park Service Rangers. NO BEARS. But we had big fun anyway.

We always have big fun. Happy Birthday Jeanette!!

Quote of the Day:
"Confusion is always the most honest response."
--Marty Indik


Blogger Nancy said...

LOL Your friends have lots classier (and more fun) birthday celebrations. Better food too!


5:41 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

sounds yummy!

10:14 PM  

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