Friday, September 23, 2005

I Know Its Messed Up

Yup. I've been working on the side-bar issue for over an hour. Taking the 'help' links out, undoing formatting, etc. Can't figure it out. But I will. Give me a few.....

UPDATE: 10:30 am:

OK, it wasn’t me, or blogger, or the picture size. It was the damn ‘Word a Day’ and 'FreeDictionary' links at the bottom of the side-bar. Which I have now removed from the blog template. How the ‘Word a day’ stuff works is that code is linked back to it’s site. So it is automatically updated. It’s their code, not mine. I just plug it in to the template and it is then updated daily by them.

But who can afford the three hours to figure out what’s wrong by process of elimination? I knew it was a common item that Dean and I both had, because I've been working on his blog too. I just didn’t know which item was changing the layout. And after FreeDictionary has working correctly for a week, you would think it would be correct forever. I just didn’t know which one was changing the layout so it came down to a process of elimination. For three hours. Not a fun way to start out at 6AM. But, at least I now know what it is. It makes me CRAZY when I don’t know what it is. So, FreeDictionary, bye-bye!

Now it’s my sprinkler system. Would FreeDictionary now please give me back those hours and would you please send over somebody to fix my sprinkler system. Do you have any idea how maddening it is that I have NO ONE in my life to fix things for me? And I’m sorry, I’m good on a computer, but GOD I HATE YARD WORK.

Please, could he also be smart, handsome and manly? Have a good sense of humor? Know about diesel engines? Like to cook? I SOOOO have a sprinkler system he really needs to fix for me.

So how about it FreeDictionary. Your code messed up my day. Make it right by sending me a 'sprinkler guy' and I'll put your code back on my site!!! I'm thinking somebody along these lines.......

So, is it Mark?


Or Tommy


Or Tommy

I really don't like Motley Crue and I'm pretty sure Tommy Lee doesn't know anything about diesel engines, but it's not a pressing issue. I always thought he was slimy until I watched him in 'Tommy Lee Goes To College.' (Ahhhhh, NOT xxx rated for those of you not in the know -- thought that may need some clarification.) And then, Mark Harmon, just can't say enough about THAT man.

Actually, do you think you could have both show up? And then I could just take my own sweet time, run a few 'tests' and.....I'll just have to get back to you then.


Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks for looking in on me!

We're fine, plenty of food, water, batteries, and hopefully we'll just be grazed by the side wall of the storm.

BTW? Personally, I'd go for Mark. :0)

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Sher said...

I'd vote for Mark too
However. . . you need to line up more than just Mark why you say??? because you have friends that you need to sluff some of your out-takes onto!

Keep up the great blog!
See ya sailing this weekend! Limited study needs. Yippeeee.

3:23 PM  

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