Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Dali Lama, Sun Valley and Yarn

Juliette, one of my Best Friends who left Las Vegas after living here for over 20 years, got me a ticket to see the Dali Lama!! So I ran off last minute to Hailey, Idaho, at dawn on Saturday to see the 14th Dali Lama, successor to the Buddha of Compassion and exiled leader of the nation of Tibet. He spoke to a crowd of 12,000 to 15,000 at the Wood River High School football field Sunday afternoon, Sept. 11. It was a very small and intimate venue with a full blue sky above. Sun Valley Online has excellent coverage of the event.

His Holiness, The Dali Lama

It was an interesting lecture where;

The Dali Lama focused much of his 75-minute opening talk reflecting on the aftermath of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 and the present-day survival struggle in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

"This is a day to commemorate tragic events," he began. "One is manmade and one is made by nature. Both are painful. Watching it on television, I really feel terribly sad."

He then made three extended points on both tragedies.

"First, though many were lost, your sadness won't help it. It has happened. Too much sorrow won't bring you your close ones who have passed away. The more sadness frustration you have, the more it brings more suffering to yourself. In my own experience, I lost not only my freedom but my own country. It's still that way after 46 years. The worst is the news from Tibet is in most cases sad. But we [Tibetans] always keep our spirits up, we never give up our hope. If you lost hope and remained with a pessimistic attitude, we would never gain happier days."

Read the other two points and/or the complete article at Sun Valley Online. His Holiness is actually quite funny and even laughs quite a bit concerning his ways and the ways of the world. He is quite remarkable in so many ways and I feel very blessed to have been able to attend the event. Thanks, Jules.

HHDL Stage

Of course Juliette and I did a few other things too. We went hiking on the Big Wood River to walk off a fabulous breakfast.

Kim on the Big Wood River, ID


The Big Wood River

Fall is already showing up in the mountains of Sun Valley. Dappled red leaves among the green foliage display the physical changes of the lessening sunlight and temperatures.



We walked around downtown Ketchum and visited quite a few little shops.

ISABELLA'S YARN in Ketchum had wonderful selection of all kinds of yarn, big tables to work at, and really nice people. I taught Juliette to knit that night. WOOT!

On the drive home, I was constantly reminded of how much I love the mountain ranges and the desert scape's thru out Nevada. There was surprisingly still quite a bit of green left thru out the Nevada drive south.

Nevada Mountains

Desert & Rabbit Bush In Bloom

I did work on Black Clapotis and a birthday scarf for a friend over the weekend while I was visiting Sun Valley. I'll do some work on FBS tonight. Repeat #14 is were I'm starting this evening. WOOT!


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