Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Knitting Is Pretty But Boring Right Now

While I would love to regale you with wonderful and interesting knitting news, there just isn't any at the moment. I'm into FBS for over 300 stitches on the needle and there just seems to be no end. My current debate is do I stop at Repeat 14 as planned and start the edging? Or do I do a total of 18 Repeats then edging? How this will block out is the big question concerning size since I've never blocked anything let alone Cotton Fine. I'm thinking that a total of 14 Repeats will be enough. And I want to dye it BLACK I think. BLACK. BLACK. It needs to be BLACK. Haven't EVEN picked up BLACK Clapotis. It's just sitting there. But at least it's already BLACK. See? My knitting is just toooooo boring right now to write any more about. Hrummph.

43 Folders just came up with some GREAT ideas on how to make your camera phone a working tool in your life. He writes:

How do you get creative with your phonecam?

Your mobile phone camera can be more than a fast way to send your kitty photos to Grandma Pearl. Like a lot of people, I use mine as a ubiquitous capture device, recording ephemeral information and visual documentation wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Remember where you parked - In a parking lot or garage, snap a photo of the section where you’ve parked. If you’re parked on the street in a strange neighborhood, grab a picture of an address, a landmark, or of the signs for the cross street.
“Wishlist” items you might want to buy later - If you’re out and about and happen to see a CD, book, or other consumable you might want to pick up later on, snap a photo of the item’s barcode. When you get home you can look the item up on Amazon or and find the best price, or just add it to your canonical online wishlist.
Show people where you’ve put things - If you’ve moved the mayonnaise jar with little Tyler’s college money or relocated the good scissors to your work bench, snap a photo and mail it to your housemates.
Document your fender bender - If you get hit by another car (and once you’re safely off the road), take a few fast photos of the damage as well as the other driver’s tag and operator’s license.
Record the hours of a new store - New dry cleaner or Thai restaurant you want to try? Grab a photo of the hours.
Capture inspiring design - See a poster, interior, or typeface you particularly like? Grab a snapshot and use it for later inspiration, research, or as part of a mood board.
Hunt for houses and apartments - If you’re looking at potential apartments or a new house, get photos of the kitchen, the bedrooms—even the view from out of some windows.
Doublecheck your shopping selection - Can’t remember whether you were supposed to pick up 5 10-penny nails or 10 5-penny nails? Send a photo to the one who sent you on the errand, and have them approve your purchase by return call or IM.
Document your haircut - Snap a few photos of a haircut that turned out well. Get the front, the sides, and the back, and make sure to note the name of the operator. Ask them to describe how to ask for this haircut again, and type it up wherever you’re storing the photo, online or otherwise.
Carry your To-do list - If you’re traveling particularly light one day and just have a couple things to remember while you’re out, jot the tasks, phone numbers, or what have you on a sheet of paper, photograph it, and you’re done.

There's even more ways offered by readers in his comment section for that day's post entry at 43 Folders.

And in non-hurricane news, PBS did a great job explaining the hell that will be ours WHEN, not if, the 'Bird Flu' comes this way. You can read about it's current killing wave at Wide Angle. H5N1 - Killer Flu PBS.

And while you were sleeping the Mobulas were flying in the Sea of Cortez and a 200 ft. long Pink Bunny has taken over Italy.

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