Saturday, August 27, 2005

Flower Basket Shawl, Black Clapotis and Clutter


Status: Black Clapotis - currently working on the Straight Section, with a zillion rows yet to go!
Status: Flower Basket Shawl (FBS) - finishing up Repeat #10, working towards Repeat #14.

See, knitting. And no BEARS. HA!! BEARS!!

On another front, I'm a packrat from the word GO. There is not an inch of horizontal space in my house that doesn't' have CRAP on it. And while I LOVE organizing things, especially other people's stuff, damn if I don't have a terrible time working with my own stuff. At work, I'm the most organized human; at home, I stink.

So, I'm going to try the FLYLADY way. This is a website and newsgroup that has changed peoples' lives in helping them get their CRAP-O-LISTIC (my word, not hers) homes in order!! I've been following the newsgroup for awhile now. A few of the 'habits' I now have under control. But I would like to be able to invite FRIENDS for dinner like I used to before my parents died. Since they died, my house has become way too CRAP-O-LISTIC to have anybody walk in the door. That is JUST SO WRONG. So, I'm going to tackle my house 15 minutes at a time. And become a FLYBABY.


Basically FLYLADY sends you 'emails' to use as post-it notes in front of your nose. And she has a PLAN. Everything is done in 15 minute increments, because ANYBODY, meaning ME, can do a 'thing' for fifteen minutes. Then STOP. Just 15 minutes. STOP.

Her emails can become a bit much in your mailbox..for awhile...until you realize it's like your "to-do' list. Then you delete them as you go. And if you can't get everything done...especially in the beginning - no big deal. She ends EVERY email with, "You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?" As in, where you are NOW didn't happen in one day and it's not going to get fixed in one day. Just start where you are NOW. Excellent advise.

One of the things you do on a regular basis is a '27 Fling Boogie.' You basically walk thru your house and bag 27 pieces of crap. Then throw it away. You then do 27 pieces of stuff to 'bless somebody else with' by putting no longer needed stuff in another bag in your car to donate. Junk mail, magazines, etc. for the trash; and old clothes, shoes, knicknacks, etc. for charity. OUT OF THE HOUSE.

There are other little 'baby-steps' she has you do and work into a daily 'habit' or monthly habit. ONE AT A TIME! NOT ALL AT ONCE. Pretty soon...a less CRAP-O-LISTIC lifestyle. Plus, if I want to sell my house or move, I'm not taking half of the CRAP I have. So, now is the time for it to go. OUT OF THE HOUSE. Bless somebody else who needs it.

And with her PLAN, you'll have 15 minuted (my word - not hers) your house to DEATH or SUBMISSION (which ever comes first) in a matter of time. She really has a great concept into doing anything. Home upkeep, bill paying, weeding out your closet, homework -- yours or your kids, writing a book, calling friends, managing computer time, Holiday planning and cooking. Put a TIMER to it and get it done 'till the timer goes off, 15 minutes at a time. Then go do the next thing.

She has a 'Control Journal' that has you figure out what stuff you need to do......and if something happens to you....there is a written record what needs to get done and numbers to contact in an emergency. (For my hurricane friends, this is really important. Becky and Esther, her 'Emergency Journal' is sure something that you might find handy.)

I've watched my neighbor, Ike, do his whole house in 15 minute increments since Jan passed away. Including his yard. Unlike me who goes out and does 4 hours then crashes, he does 15 minutes here and there. He isn't a FLYBABY but he sure follows her rules of accomplishment and his home and yard show it.

So, I'm doing this 15 minutes at a time. We'll see where I end up in two months with the house, financial and work projects. HOME-DE-LIOUS instead of CRAP-O-LISTIC would be a much nicer and healthier environment for Miss Luna and I. There goes the timer! See ya!


Blogger msubulldog said...

I found your blog through Thomasina's, but I wanted to let you know that the FLYLADY stuff works and is awesome! I took a long vacation this spring and "fell off the flylady wagon" so to speak--and now my house is a disaster! I have been needing motivation to subscribe to her again, so now I think I'll do it! Thanks for reminding me about her and that we're not behind, we can jump right in where we are. --Amanda

9:19 AM  
Blogger FranklinMinty said...

You made me laugh quite a bit with Crap-o-listic.

I'm in the habit of making up words like this too. Most probably offend senstitive ears, so I'll refrain from posting.

FranklinMinty @
Fraggle Stick Car / Runs n Goses ;)

11:04 AM  
Blogger FranklinMinty said...

Oh - and btw - you are very brave attempting the black clap. Its looking good! Black "even vaguelly lace work" makes me break out into sweats

11:05 AM  

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