Monday, August 29, 2005

Prayerwork For Those In The Path Of Katrina

Prayer Wheels, near Swayambunath, Nepal

Photo couresty of Traveler Trish

Every thought, wish and prayer counts. So as you look at this picture, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Breathe. Imagine yourself standing in front of this wall of prayer wheels. See it in your mind's eye. Say a prayer at the first wheel, reach out, touch it and give it a spin. Breathe.

There goes a part of your conscienceness melting into our world, this dimension, where it mixes with the beingness of all other things in our universe. Raining your thoughts and feelings and blessings out there -- into what we all breathe. Walk thru. Sleep with. Feel and know in our hearts.

Step to the next wheel. Repeat.


Blogger Nancy said...

Hello Dear!

I pray very hard for those who can not help themselves. I also hope that the animals left behind because they could not be evacuated will be found and cared for.

Nothing very ugly at our house really, we're very far from Katrina. We just got some very needed rain and some (a bit interrupted) very needed sleep.

Tho, if my dear hubby wakes me up again to tell me he's worried I won't be able to sleep...... there may be teeth marks involved. I'm just say'n

7:14 PM  

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