Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rain And A Finished Object

Rain. Oh how I love rain. And it has been coming down since last night! I open what windows I can and let all the fresh and clean desert air in. This is the view out of my office loft window looking west towards Red Rock and Mt. Charleston. Of course, you can't really SEE it thru all the rain today. That's Ike's roof in the lower right-hand corner. Zero lot-lines homes, the way the west has been ruined.

Morning Rain Looking West

Finished up a not-secret Birthday scarf last night. It actually IS a secret but she NEVER reads my blog or my emails, so I'm not really worried about her finding out. Luna is NOT included with the gift scarf.

Miss Luna & Birthday Scarf

Another view

Yarn: Lion Brand "Moonlight Mohair" in Purple Mountains
Mohair: 35% Acrylic: 30% Cotton: 25% Polyester Metallic: 10%
Needle: US 17 Cast on 15 stitches and knit every row until out of yarn.

Yarn Porn

I'll finish up the last Birthday scarf, not made of this yarn, this evening. Then...GASP....finish the Flower Basket Shawl. Yes, really. Now stop making fun....be kind. I really will work on the FBS this week.

The Accidental Hedonist: Winter Squash Soup

A person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires ~
that enter like rivers into the ocean,
which is ever being filled but is always still ~
can alone achieve peace,
and not the man who strives to satisfy such desires.
--Bhagavada~Gita II:70


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zero lot lines: the way the East is being ruined too, and cutting down the lovely 80 year old trees and being allowed to plant little sticks as "replacement, so see? We're not destroying the environment". And people wonder why it's 20 degrees warmer in the city than in the country....

6:52 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

lovely Luna modeling the birthday present---I'm sure the scarf will be cherished!

7:09 AM  

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