Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Taos Wool Festival

Yellow Gold

We've had quite a bit of night time rain with very LOUD thunder and lightening. The metal roof of the house provides for quite a melody for sleeping and dancing dreams. The mountains are now awash in autumn color. Breathtaking at all hours of the day.

The Taos Wool Festival was fun. Lots of tents filled with all things wool. It was very crowded in most of the small tents and somewhat hard to see the products without being right on top of them.

Beautiful yarns and rovings. Many already knitted items. A few woollies on the hoof for the small ones to look at. Helen, Jimmy (her son) and I wandered for a few hours, ate a Kibee (lamb) sandwich and then did some errands while in Taos. It was a beautiful day with no rain, lots of sun and little wind. Unlike last year where it POURED rain. The weather made amends this year I think.

Brooks Farm Yarn

I bought some of this yarn, which I'll share with you tomorrow. Let me only say...I would now buy it from the website! It is SOOOOO soft. More tomorrow.....

More Brooks Farm

The Baby Goat is just TOOOOO cute! He'll make a beautiful yarn someday!! Right now, it's just too fun to watch him frolic and play. I think those words were probably invented just to describe what baby goats do when awake.

Baby Goat & Helen

The Mom Goat is quite a 'looker' too. And SO soft. Helen and her husband Jim have a full time job and then some taking care of all the critters on this ranch. An unending, twice daily at a minimum, never-the-same job.

Mom Goat

And it is all done with lots of love and laughs.

Is It Happy Hour Yet?


Anonymous Becky said...

Wonderful looking yarns to paw through girl! Glad you had a great time! Can't wait to see what you bought.

3:19 AM  
Blogger Bonita said...

LOL - those goats are sooo cute. Great photo, lovely feelings from them.

6:18 PM  

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