Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tonight's Sky & The Romanian Mint Rubbing Association

Seems I might miss the Crescent Moon this evening due to storm clouds. Venus floating to her right while Mars hangs below in support. Stories, legends, rituals, myths and rocket fuel are based on this celestial view. From the vast imaginings of human kind to the movement of the tides then onto Robert Goddard, this view affects every single thing on our planet. Not just 'living,' every single thing. Think 'big' picture and then, really 'small' picture. What do you imagine?

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Image Credit & Copyright: Fred Espenak (

Finished!! I finished the Birthday Scarves. On to wrapping today. WOOT!! Also got a number of other things done off of my 'to-do' list. Ahhh, clean white rugs in the Master Bath again. Simply heaven. Today will be mostly financial and work paperwork. At least I have a beautiful puppy and a window full of clouds to break the drudgery. And the damn internet.

And for your Wednesday Funny, I leave you with this:

Welcome to the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association (RMRA): We Have Answers. Take a look around. Learn about the fascinating Romanian custom of mint rubbing. Start improving your life now.

Accidental Hedonist Recipe: Baked Apples with Cognac

All women who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.


Anonymous Kim said...

Oh........I LOVE that rendition of Blue Moon!! I think I may have to download it :-)))

4:19 PM  

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