Friday, December 16, 2005

The Drive

Luna Helps Me Drive

I made it!! It was a very nice drive; no snow or ice. So, I consider that a 'nice' drive. Luna wears a harness clipped into the backseat seat-belt clip. She nevertheless often oozes between the two front seats to help me drive. She LOVES to travel. Definitely a 'going' dog.


Lots of frost and fog. Especially just out of Bakersfield, CA. It was amazingly cold there. Then, in Northern California, the forests start to manifest. It's all green, all the time from that point!!!


Foggy Drive

Mt. Shasta

And Mt. Shasta, under a full moon, made the drive into Yreka fabulous!!! While my camera wasn't able to capture much, the drive past Mt. Shasta was truly magical.

The next morning out of Yreka, CA, it was 17*. I was watchful for ice on the highways!!

Logging Trucks

And I know I'm close when these trucks start showing up on the roads in the north!!

It was nice to land at Charlotte's around 5 pm. We made it 'home' safe and sound!!


Anonymous Becky said...

I"m so glad you made it there and no mishaps! That's such a long drive! Hugs to Luna. You two have fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

4:37 PM  

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