Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sailing Saturday

Fortification Hill, Lake Mead

Lake Mead is truly a visual wonder. The surrounding desert is most especially spectacular at sunset. As I was driving down to the marina Friday evening, this was the sunset view.

Lake Mead Marina

My boat is in there somewhere!!! Sheri arrived after sunset and we proceeded to 'chef up' a dinner of Orange Roughy lightly breaded in Malted Pancake flour. Sheri has the best ideas!! It was quite nummy. Of course, there was red wine with that -- and lots of good and fun conversation.

Sher and Morgan

The following morning, Sher and Morgan came over to my boat for coffee. I'm in a different part of the marina which affords the dogs a fun walk. I think Morgan likes my boat better because I have steps making it easier for her to get on my boat. Sheri is getting arms like Mike T. trying to lift Morgan Poo Pie (her official name) UP on to her boat. THAT is some heavy lifting there.

Later in the afternoon, Carol and Bob came out for a sail. Carol doesn't like boats much but really seemed to enjoy the poofing about in light winds for a few hours.


Of course, getting a few glasses of wine in her didn't hurt anything either!! Bob has his own plane so I think he found interesting that in sailing, the sails and the keel are similar to the wings of a plane. Same philosophy as flight somewhat.


We occasionally had just enough wind to actually let him get a feel for sails with wind in them. It was a very none windy day. Just perfect for them. And me to make sure rigging and such was working correctly. Still have some engine/wiring issues to work out soon.


Luna & Bob

And you know who got lots of lap time and kisses. Bob and Carol really liked Luna and she LOVES to kiss them. They like that, me, not so much. So Luna was in heaven. Laps and kisses!! It was close to a perfect afternoon.

Spent a beautiful evening on the boat under a half Moon knitting for a while on Clapotis. KNITTING. Some. More than half way thru. Pics Monday!!!

And hey!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!


Blogger Desert Eagle said...

I feel soooo left out ! !
All that fun relaxing time you are
having with great friends. Wait what time is the next flight back there ?.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Looks like fun, sounds like fun, and I soooo love orange roughy in any form!

Hugs and Kisses!

12:14 PM  

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