Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Day On The Santa Fe Plaza

The Santa Fe Raptor Center displayed both the Pygmy Owl and this Red Tailed Hawk at the entrance to the Keshi store. The Santa Fe Raptor Center assists in the rehabilitation, release and preservation of New Mexico’s native wild birds. The Raptor Center’s special focus is on the treatment of injured and orphaned birds of prey. It was delightful to be so close to such a big bird!!

Red Tailed Hawk

The only objective that Chris had to achieve in Santa Fe was a visit to the Keshi store. All else was a 'happen as it may' event. Chris loves traditional Zuni fetishes. Zuni fetishes have many uses and much is written on the internet for you to peruse if you have any interest.

Entrance to Keshi, A Zuni Fetish Shop


Chris spent over two hours in the store. So many things to look at and read. And most of the items are very small so it took quite some time. But no complaints from Luna or I.

The owners were very helpful and let Luna hang out inside the shop being her usual delightful self. She was (as always) very well behaved, lying down most of the time. She did occasionally try to practice being the 'official shop greeter' but I nipped that in the bud most of the time. A well behaved dog is a welcomed dog. And most of the time, a well behaved dog means a lying down dog. Cool air and cool flooring is always better than being outside and hot.

I highly recommend a stop at Keshi if you are visiting the Santa Fe plaza area.

We spend quite a bit of time walking around. I didn't realize how the plaza is really a number of blocks wide and not just around the church area.

I didn't get any pictures of traditional Native Americans with their jewelry and wares spread on a blanket while sitting in the plaza. They have a daily 'lottery' for which vendors will be allowed to display. Who knew that was how the spaces were allocated?

The area was very busy and I was more concerned with Luna's small paws not being crushed under foot. Very, very busy. We did find places of rest however.

Luna and I

The plaza church is a old and beautiful building.

Cathedral Church of San Francis of Assisi

We were lucky in our timing that a Vespers & Procession from Cathedral Basilica to Rosario Chapel, which happens twice a year, happened right when we were in that area of the plaza. It seems they move the Madonna from the church to the graveyard now, and then back to the church at a later date.


Santa Fe was fun. And hot. And too many people. I think the wintertime would be more enjoyable for wandering. In addition, while we were told by many that it was dog friendly -- and many of the stores were, it was very, very difficult to find an outside patio that would allow Luna entrance. NONE in fact.

The only place we could find was the Atomic Grill which allowed us to sit at a table in the main walkway off of the patio. At least it had shade and they brought Luna water first thing without us even asking. As a bonus, their Green Chili Toastados were GREAT!!!

Then there are the doors of Santa Fe. I love doors. I loved many doors in India. Santa Fe has some great doors too.

Santa Fe Door

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
--Saint Augustine



Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Hate. Crowds.

Albuquerque in May was great, so I imagine it would be the same in Santa Fe. Too bad folks at the cafes only looked at Luna as a breed instead of as the sweet puppy she is.

Love the picture of you two--those socks would go great with that outfit! ;-)

4:08 AM  

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