Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Last Days Are The Sweetest -- Bittersweetest

::Oregon Beach Vacation Review Continues::

The last day of togetherness with family-friends was here. If there is anything that makes a human feel time and place, I think these 'last day of vacation' events are often at the top of the list emotionwise. They really sharpen the perspective of 'be here now' to drink in and enjoy the moment.

Another run at the morning beach is made. You may be asking at this point, "Does that Luna ever WALK on the beach?"

Making A Last Run

The answer would be rarely.

Karen came out for our early morning wanderings the last day out. The weather was perfect.

Lobo, Charlotte and Karen

Lots of sunshine smiley-face pictures were taken.

Me and Char

Charlotte and Karen

More beach pictures were taken.

Luna Prints

"I'm Bad, I'm Bad....." sung to M. Jackson's song

"Wonder If I Could Cover The Length Of This Beach In 2 Minutes?" Yep.

More Lobo, Charlotte and Karen

Sometimes, I just can't take enough bestest friend pictures!

Lobo and Charlotte

But the last morning beach stroll does finally come to an end. Over the huge piles of polished driftwood, thrown up on the spine of the beach, we druge.

A Busy Sea Worked The Driftwood

Back to our cottages for coffee, packing and downloading pictures to the laptop so as not to lose them.

In wandering through the week's photos, here are a few that were also nice, even if they didn't work into our story:

Dudes, is this sweater ugly or what? But poor no-fat, no-fur Luna was cold. So I picked one up in Gold Beach for her. This pose is one of many in which she displays her 'model dog' features.

Luna & The Really Ugly Sweater

Charlotte and I did some driving this week. This was a stop-along-the-way photo.

Beach Down The Road

One of the things that I don't have one picture of is our run for jam. We call it our 75 98.4 mile jam. (We've also eaten $25.00 Raspberry Pies!! Don't ask.)

From Misty Meadows. I have a undying love for Marionberry and Cranberry jams. On our Roadtrip in 2005, Charlotte and I just happened on this roadside store. OMG. All their jams are incredible, but their Cranberry and/or Marionberry jams are to die for!!

We had to go. And we did. Just no pictures. My bad. (I HATE that saying.....) You can just go ahead and order online and save yourself the 75 98.4 mile trip. Misty Meadows (Oregon Jams). Don't ever say I didn't cover you in the berry department.

Other stops included:

Rogue Wreck & Fog, Gold Beach

One Of A Million Flowers

Sun & Fog I

For Charlotte:

Fog at Night I

While this is NOT our cottage, this is somewhat what it looked like. NICE patios and a killer backyard forest.

A Cottage

::photo - Turtle Rock Resort::

Here's a great pic of the resort. I'll try and add location captions later maybe.

Aerial Map of Turtle Rock Resort

::photo - Turtle Rock Resort::

So the late afternoon of the last day shows up. And when you're at the beach where do you want to end up for your last sunset? If you are Luna and I, at the beach of course!!

Last Turtle Rock Sunset

A Heavy Sunset

A Happy Last Beach Run

Karen & Mike Take A Last Beach Walk

A Final Stick Chew

A Wandering Goodbye

A Final Good Run

Last Smiles

The Last Big Dig

The Last Sunset Picture, Until The Next First Sunset Picture

The Last Beach Kiss

The Last Sunset

The only last thing to say is it was all perfect. I loved the week. It was the best of everything. The love between humans. And dogs. And the perfectly beautiful ocean.

Here's the last pictures in a slide show:

Simply Recipes' "Baked Ling Cod With Lemon Garlic Butter"

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
--St. Augustine

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Blogger Linda and Denny said...

Stupid bl*gger wouldn't let me on to post yesterday.

Denny and I definitely have to put Turtle Rock on our list--the siren call of road is getting louder!

Fav pic? Beach down the road with the fuschia colored flowers in the corner. Perfect beach picture.

What a great group of friends and wonderful pictures. I can almost smell the ocean and Luna's excitement over being on the beach is infectious. Vicarious vacation--love it!

3:41 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

these are lovely sets of pics! its been a while since i visited here and glad i clicked thru my blog links today.. gee i should say my fave pic is the sunset with Luna! and the fog photo as well.. do you have flickr?

5:19 PM  

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