Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wind, Wind, Wind

I miss Spring!! Las Vegas has a two week window of wonderful weather. One week in April when its 70*-80* and one week in October with the same MO. Unfortunately, the week in April....really the whole month, is actually blown away. Really. Today, as an example, it could blow cats and dogs down the street. Wind at about 25 mph, with gusts to 40. And this is a mild day. Last week we had gusts to 55 mph. Nice temperature but the wind sucks.

I'd like to do some back-yard work but the pollen and dust really gets to this special spot right between my eyes. Like someone is sticking a screwdriver though my brain.

And, hey, add that screwdriver thing to the fact that today is 'almost' tax day. You know, if you're not done with them now....... file an extension and get the screwdriver out of the brain. Here's a link to the IRS if you need the paperwork.

Do you think Gangsta Knitters pay taxes?


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