Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Clapotis & Bob's Birthday Boat

Bob's Birthday Boat was in full swing on Saturday as you'll see from some of the following pictures. But first, Clapotis. My Clapotis has dental floss. It's a use it or lose it thing. I've frogged this piece over six times....hence the saving grace of dental floss. Amazingly, since I started to string a life line in Clapotis, I haven't had to frog it. Probably like backing up your hard drive. You don't need it until you haven't done it. Life is werid.

Clapotis with dental floss lifelines

One of my great boat neighbors, Bob, had a big birthday bash last Saturday. Here's the pictures!!

Bob's Boat, The Birthday Boy Bob, and his dog, Danny

Luna Modeling and Me & Luna

My Most Excellent Neighbor Chris & Scotty & Darlene

Karen & Nester and Luna's Best 1.5 lb Friend, Roxy

Most Excellent Friend Jeanette and BB Bob & Joyce Posted by Hello

A marvelous time was had by ALL!!!


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