Friday, June 10, 2005

Knitting Interrupted Button!! For me!!!

How cool is THIS?? I just love Becky's site, Knitting Interrupted and since I don't know what's involved in getting ready for a huge-scare-your-pants-off hurricane (I live in the DESERT), I asked her to make a button to link to her blog. Like she doesn't have anything else to do today. And what does she do? She makes this!

A perfect link button made up while making sure to have Hurricane supplies by running to the store, filling the car up, and getting the house ready for general mayhem!!! I don't know if thatinvolves mattresses in the hallway or not. I guess we'll see.

So, y'all go visit her and leave her a comment and prayer that the Hurricane fizzles OUT before it even GETS to her house. Leaving her the evening to KNIT!!!


Anonymous Becky said...

Thank you Kim for the prayers and good vibes! I hope all we get is rain and a bit windy. (fingers crossed) I ran around all day buying supplies, washing clothes, getting things ready. Tomorrow we shall see what happens one again.

6:12 PM  

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