Monday, June 06, 2005

La Lana Wools, Taos, NM

Helen and I visited LLW in Taos the other day. This is also a lovely store and it's the first time I made it OUT of there without buying anything. LLW has mostly all natural, plant-dyed yarns that are incredible. I want to make a cotton FBS before I try it in a wool/silk blend. So maybe next time thru I'll pick some up. But I can just had to STOP and fondle--I know you will understand. And how about these poppies that are in bloom all over Taos? Wish I could wear that orange as a lipstick!!

La Lana Wools, Taos, NM

And how cool is this? This is the REAL "Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole" by Kathleen Power Johnson from the 'ScarfStyle' book by Pam Allen. It's truly beautiful in person. And I think Helen looks just great in it!

Helen & the REAL Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

More yarn. What can I say.


Here's Jim at the 'creek' pumping water up to the Raspberry beds that Helen planted last week. The 'creek' is really a small river right now, running very fast and high due to the snow melt. Please just imagine the wonderful sound of this running in the background of your life thru the open windows in the house and as you wander around to do your 'chores' on the ranch.

Jim at the Creek

And here is Jimmy watering the beds with the freshly tilled vegetable garden showing clearly.

Jimmy at the Raspberry Beds & Garden

Lastly, here's 'Granny' the old goat of the bunch. That white stuff is pure CASHMERE that needs to get brushed off of her and collected. Helen's goats give GREAT yarn. Pictures of some of the cones later.

Granny, a CASHMERE Goat!! Posted by Hello

Enjoy your Monday!! Luna and I will be enjoying the fab weather here!


Anonymous DG said...

Very beautiful, love the pictures

7:45 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

You know, I haven't knitted for a long time, but the knitting blogs are making me want to get into it

I love the pictures. I'm also sooooo glad that I don't have to hand pump water to water my garden. I do envy your setting tho. What a view!

11:15 AM  

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