Monday, October 03, 2005

Fall In Southern Colorado

The View To The East Of The Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Fall in southern Colorado colors trees and grasses with the last vestiges of summer warmth. Helen and Jim’s ranch is at approximately 8000 feet so the leaves of the Aspen, Oak and Cottonwoods are now mantled in gold and red. You can see the palette of Earth’s fall dress in the view to the east of the ranch looking towards the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. This is my favorite season and I feel as if I have been handed a gift from Gaia as I wander the upper pastures where grass meets Juniper and Pinion Pine. I breath in the coming of autumn in these beautiful mountains and fields of the Colorado and New Mexico southwest with my every breath and gaze. My heart swells with the energy of the living green as the benefit of a full spring and summer now comes to past. With this harvest of seed and fruit comes the final good-bye to this warm tilt of the earth waved off in golden finery unmatched by human hand. A putting to sleep of the living things by the deep spirit of Earth, cradled next to her heart until the coming of the warm Sun seasons again.

Luna Running Wild

For Luna, while we are here, there is much running on open fields and thru the bubbling creek. She loves to leap over the tall sage brush and run as fast as she can along the straight low-lying fields. So much to smell and taste outside where the wild things are. We gathered Pinion nuts while the dogs gathered smells of the earth, rain, elk and mountain lion. We take pictures and limbs of sweet smelling leaves while Luna drinks rainwater in rock pockets and eats fresh green grass.

Luna At East Window

She also loves to lay in the upstairs east bedroom and look out at the ranch buildings alive with goats, sheep, horses, geese, cats and dogs all running around doing the important things that make up a day in their life. There is much horses and goat munching of the drying grasses, dogs on constant alert and look-out for coyote, horse-butt scratching on the bark of the Cottonwood and the honking of geese to any change in the immediate environment. Luna watches all this living movement swirling in constant motion from the east bedroom window while lying atop a thickly blanketed massage table in the morning sun.

Baby & Mom Goat

Newly born life also shows up even as the Earth prepares for winter sleep. This past Saturday morning welcomed a baby Alpaca goat to this golden season. He was up and walking within 15 minutes of birth. Mom Goat does the cleaning of the birth coat with tongue and nose while the baby tries to find balance on new legs. Then wobbles to a tit filled with life-giving liquid in the form of Mom Goat Milk. By late afternoon, Baby Goat runs the pen and has haphazard control of his stick legs. His white curly hair will be sold next year, to be spun into a warm yarn. But for now, he gleams in the sun while we all ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over a beautiful new life among the golden season of this year’s Fall.

Ranch House Among Gold

And to anybody that thinks heaven is somewhere else besides right here, I beg to differ.


Blogger ladylinoleum said...

What a lovely post...words and images...I love Fall too.

5:47 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

man, I'm so homesick and this post is great! Thanks for the images---maybe I can tempt DH to take some time off and head out west with me...Autumn is my fave time of year there.

1:09 PM  

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