Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Luna Doesn't Like Thunder

We've had quite a bit of rain today. Which is just lovely.

Red Rock State Park Weather Cam

Except Luna was very unhappy about the thunder. So, she spent some time in my lap. All 50 lbs of her. When she was a wee pup, she lived in my lap while I'll was on the computer. Seems she still likes that spot when afraid though she can barely fit anymore.

Luna In My Lap

Doesn't Like Thunder

So clean and pretty and fresh smelling after the rain!! Yum.

Cypress After Rain

I have EIGHT, 8, EIGHT rows left to knit on FBS!!! YES!!! Almost done!!

Note: we're "NOT evolving as a species." As sad proof again, I found this today from National Geographic News:

Dogs As Shark Bait

"Live and dead dogs and cats are being used as shark bait by amateur fishers on the French-controlled island of RĂ©union, according to animal-welfare organizations and local authorities," says National Geographic News. Sick.

And you know, there is not ONE woman hooking a dog's nose and throwing him in the water to bait sharks. I guess my Mom had it right when she said, "First thing we do is drown all male babies at birth."

And when you think of getting raped, robbed, mugged or having your house broken into, I bet in your mind's eye, you don't see a 'woman' doing it. Not that they don't, but just think of the percentage of crime that is committed by men as opposed to women. Sick. Just sick. Not that I have an answer, but I certainly have questions. How do we change? This?

Simply Recipe's: Dad's Turkey Stew Recipe

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.
--Buddha's Little Instruction Book, Jack Kornfield


Anonymous Tina said...

Your dog is absolutely gorgeous.

I don't know that the story you posted is quite true, or at least isn't as widespread as people might think. I hope this link gives you some relief.

Anyway: http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/sharkbait.asp

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

OMG....I am horrified and sickened!!!

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Hi Kim! HUGS Luna! My doggies don't like Thunder either. I have to get out a blanket and put it OVER Max and then hold him when it storms. The things we do for our "babes". Grin. Luna is so adorable though.

That story you told about dogs used as sharkbait. That is the very reason around here where I live near the coast you don't see ads for "free pets to good home" in the newspaper anymore. The paper discourages it because they have caught people using those animals as fishing bait. I cannot fathom what kind of monster would do such a thing. Someone should return the favor, hook his ass and throw him out on a line". (okay I'm done).

I sure miss our Miss Esther girl. No communication for 36 hrs now. I'm dying here. ugh.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I cannot even look at that picture of that poor dog. What is wrong with people?!?

I think dogs and cats freak about the thunder here in the desert because they forget what the sound is!

3:07 PM  

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