Friday, October 21, 2005

Mom, Tiger & A Couple of MeMe's

Mom & Tiger

My Mother is always in my heart. This is one of her favorite pictures. She loved Tiger so. Today and often, there are really just no words for how much I miss her.

I was tagged for this meme by Amanda from ClothesKnit so here it goes:

Ten years ago: I was dealing with my Mother having lung cancer and dying. And I had just been laid off from the MGM Hotel & Casino. Life pretty much sucked.

Five years ago: Working at the Bellagio, opening the Cirque Du Soleil's "O" show. It was the THIRD hotel I had opened (Rio, MGM, & Bellagio) and I said when I was done, it would be the LAST hotel I worked thru an opening.

One year ago: Trying to figure out what to do for work, gathering root herbs in the Colorado mountains to make medicine and wandering my mind and spirit in the annual 'pre-November-birthday' mullygrubs review of trying to ascertain where my life was going in general.

Yesterday: I spent the day:

  • Had lunch with my Favorite Ex-Boyfriend, Larry, while he's in town. He helped me through my cancer, stored my TR6 while I was living in the Cayman Islands (so he now gets it when I die--it's in my will to him) and buys me the most wonderful used copper cooking ware. Talked about how we'll probably just finally get married when I'm Sixty. His Mom is getting fragile so he's dealing with that.
  • Bought yarn with my 40% off coupons at Joanne's and Michelle's.
  • Spent 15 minutes in meditation then did some prayer-work concerning the Hurricane Wilma.
  • Helped Ike, my neighbor and adopted Dad, buy a new computer printer/scanner so he can do his annual holiday projects for his kids and family -- cards, photo histories, etc.

    5 snacks: Ike's Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookies, Maui Onion Potato Chips, Cheese, Milk, Peanut Butter.

    5 Songs I know all the words too: Anything by Jimmy Buffet but especially "Cowboy in the Jungle," and "Coast of Marseilles," Don McLean's "American Pie," AC/DC's "Back in Black," David Allen Cole's, "You never call me by my name," which you don't EVER want to hear me sing. It usually requires beer and/or tequila. Actually, you don't EVER want to hear me sing. Period.

    5 things I would do with $100 million: Move away from Las Vegas. Buy thousands of acres of land to set up a self-sustaining ranch and farm. Move my family of friends there. Donate money to the Nature Conservatory. Take my 20 most favorite people on a cruise to Alaska. Spend six months land traveling with a friend through India, Tibet, and Nepal.

    5 places I would run away to: New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington, India, Fiji.

    5 things I would never wear: Anything yellow, or too tight, showing my stomach, striped or pleated.

    5 favorite TV shows: NOVA, anything Nature, West Wing, NCIS, Invasion.

    5 biggest joys: Luna & Mr. Tuttles, having my own house and sleeping in my own bed, sailing, walking thru the first set of doors at the airport because it means I'm going somewhere. Driving across any state in America and seeing its beauty.

    5 favorite toys: My laptop, my digital camera (thanks Charlotte!), my sailboat, my Suzuki, my 1973 TR6.

    5 people I tag to do this: Esther, Nancy, Heather, Sara and Deb.

  • Then recently at Nancy's My Garden Spot, when I did responded on her site to this:
    Leave your name and...
    1. I'll respond with something random about you.
    2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
    3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
    4. I'll try to say something that only makes sense to you and me.
    5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
    6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
    7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
    8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

    Nancy responded back by saying... Kim:

    1. You're the only person I know with a pet tortoise that can open a sliding glass door. (And I have always felt blessed that Mr. Tuttles picked me to live with.)
    2. the song: "Let There be Peace on Earth" (Now THAT is kind.)
    3. Can't be chocolate, Luna's want to join in and chocolate is bad for dogs. And frankly, I'd much rather go on a walk with you in a herb garden. (Someday, when we get together somewhere, somehow, we will take that walk. Probably in your beautiful garden, then at the Botanical Garden in Houston. Can't wait!)
    4. Our dogs are soul mates. (Yes.)
    5. The music on your site was peaceful, and Luna's face was very welcoming.
    6. A tortoise. Not because of Mr. Tuttles, but a tortoise nonetheless.
    7. If I ever get near Las Vegas, would you teach me to make a Clapotis? (That would be an honor and a joy!!)
    8. Now, you must post this on your journal...

    Simply Recipe's "Perfect Mashed Potatoes" tip to use Yukon Gold potatoes instead of Russets.

    CBC: KNITTING IS HOT: Guest host Jane Hawtin spoke with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka The Yarn Harlot. Listen to the radio interview here.

    The measure of our courage is reflected in the vision of life we choose and in how much it takes for us to become discouraged. Too often we think of ourselves as weak candles that can be blown out by the slightest wind of frustration or disappointment. How much better to say: "I will become a bonfire and dare the world to put me out."
    --Zen Soup, Laurence G. Bolt


    Blogger amanda said...

    What is a TR6? Yep, color me clueless. And oh boy...isn't Invasion getting good? The sheriff just looks like an alien if you ask me...sorta beady eyed and serpentish. Have a great weekend with Luna (and the hibernating Tuttles) :O)

    10:23 AM  
    Blogger Head Honcho said...

    Really neat photo of your mom. Caught the Spirit--Also loved the info.
    Love Su Amigo

    12:16 PM  
    Anonymous Becky said...

    I absolutely love the Photo of your mom Kim. I know you miss her so much. Consider yourself {{{hugged}}}.

    3:47 PM  
    Blogger Nancy said...

    I like that picture. I think I would have liked the woman in it as well. She has a nice face.

    I did the tag. Kinda long...

    I keep coming back to your site 'cause I keep wanting to sing along...

    (btw: I can sing)

    7:49 PM  
    Anonymous Marilyn said...

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog a few days ago. You lived in the Caymans?! I love the Caymans! We just moved back to the West Coast from St. Thomas. My mother's preparing to move from a beautiful mountain town in No. Calif. to Vegas on Nov. guess I'll be visiting your city sooner rather than later... :)

    7:35 AM  

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