Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Clapotis II And Varnish

These past few weeks have just been sooooooooo busy here at the House Of Luna. Besides all work-- all the time lately!! there is the sanding and varnishing. And again, the sanding and the varnishing. And then yard-work. This is all I have done for weeks it seems.

Just trying to keep up the yard and boat up to speed is two additional full time jobs. No sleep, just 'new' muscles. Yes, I have NEW muscles it seems....because I don't remember ever feeling them before. I'm sure not SEEING them. Must be somewhat like some of my new 'fat.' Maybe I have also grown 'new' muscles. Except that I can SEE my new fat. Does over work make one fat? With unseen muscles too? Hmmmmm........

The yard has required a few different types of gas-driven machinery including chain saws. I still need to replace half my lawn or rip it all out and put in rock. And I have to do this in the next six weeks. Sigh.

I think I am going to have to hire somebody to do all this. I can't do it myself. Then I'll need MORE work to pay for all that!!! They will have to bring in heavy machinery for redoing the yard I think. They'll have to bring in heavy machinery to redo my new fat. And muscles.

The boat has also required some machinery work. Electric and smaller in hand, I think I am growing 'new' muscles from work there too. More sanding and varnishing!!! The fun just never stops here! Wait, I'm not done yet.

Did I mention that I will be ripping out the cabinetry in the boat to replace the fuel pump and heat exchanger? Or more clearly, that Chris and I will be removing it so a mechanic can THEN replace said items. Then Chris and I will replace the cabinetry. That NEEDS to be done before it starts hitting 90* degrees next week. HA!!

In Vegas, we go from 70* to 90*+ in a heart-attack. We get NO 80* days. EVER. And I don't want to be doing engine work in 100* heat. Which will be happening here, oh, I think May 1st.

Anyway, here's some of the current woodworking that poor Luna is having to put up with.........

Companion Way -- Taped

Sanding, more sanding, washing, taping and varnishing. Then untaping. Repeat.

Companion Way Board(s) -- Done

If you scan back, you can see how these handrails and cabin trim looked before. Wow. What an improvement!!

Handrails and Trim -- Done

Actually, these pictures really don't do the varnish or color justice. It's much 'warmer' in real life.

Again With All The Varnishing!!

Here is a picture showing the sanded but unvarnished cabin closure trim and varnished companionway trim.

Sanded Cabin Top and Varnished CW Trim

I have not had any luck with the weather playing nice. It needs to be between 70* -80* for the varnish to be warm enough to spread but not to warm too turn to instant glue. And NOT windy -- otherwise instant glue.

Well, this past weekend the wind speed was never BELOW 30 mph. Which makes for great sanding because it is kinda self-cleaning. But the temp was never over 72* and the varnish would just kinda 'pill' up. Somewhat similar to yarn -- pilling up.

Varnish too 'cold'

Well, at least one coat is on. A little sanding will fix this I hope, and coat #2 will hopefully go on smoother.

My First Mate is somewhat done with all the sander noises and shewing away from said varnish parts. Here she grumbles at me as she takes a break from supervising.

First Mate On Break

And, what do I do while waiting for the varnish to dry so I could close up the boat to go home and do yard work? I knit on Clapotis II!!! Less than 90 stitches on the needle per row now!! WOOT!! Onto the home stretch!!!

While Varnish Dries

This week, I'll be helping my 'Godmother' Carol start one!! That will be so fun!! Same yarn, same color as my first one!! Food and knitting with someone I love. Can't wait!! Hehehhhe, me teaching someone else to knit Clapotis. WAY to funny. Especially Clapotis. I remember thinking I was NEVER going to understand this pattern. Life is sooooooo funny..........

Clapotis Close Up

And just a few more 'stitches' on the boat woodwork too. Then, maybe some sailing? All up to the weather Goddess I think.

Done and Undone Companion Way

Racing towards 90* plus is never fun. Maybe things will slow down when we're all forced inside with the air conditioning. But between now and that day.....hell hath no fury like undone yard work and bare wood!!

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