Friday, April 14, 2006

Lookie Lookie Who Woke Up!!

About time, isn't it? Actually, I had to go into the downstairs bathroom and get him from behind the water closet and tub. It was 80* outside! And Mr. Tuttles needed to be out!!!

Mr. Tuttles Drinking

The previous week he had been moving around but not by more than a few feet. So, I knew the time was close. Here he is taking is first drink from the backyard upside-down garbage can lid that is filled with water. I always place him in it on his first day out. He'll drink, without a breath, for about 5 minutes non-stop. I always find that amazing. He's almost as big as the lid. That is pretty amazing to me too. He won't sleep in his den until we get up over 90*. For now, I'll find him in the corners of the yard or under the BBQ. He always makes me smile when I see him.

And, Luna and Mr. Tuttles, well, she sings to him. Luna serenades him as he crosses the patio sometimes. And she always sings hello in the morning when she first sees him. So I always know when Mr. Tuttles is at the door waiting for breakfast. And you thought tortoises were just desert lumps. NOT.

Just in case you didn't know, I've been gone, not just absent from blogland. Went to the SW Botanical Medicine Conference last week. I always learn SO much and sometimes....sadly most of the time.... the stuff I learn about our 'food' supply just scares me death!!! If you can just try to eat organic 50% of the time, you are so ahead of the game. And children should NEVER have any dairy products that are not organic at any time. I don't care how much it costs.

Two other tidbits. Add 400-600 mg. of magnesium to your daily diet and the BEST way to get Omega 6's is cod liver oil. DON'T say yuck. I just picked some up at Wild Oats with mint and lemon in it. It went down EASY. SHUT UP. It did too. Adults, 1 tablespoon a day, -- Kids, 1 teaspoon. Just do it.

Cactus Bloom, Arizona Desert Botanical Garden

The conference always includes some actual 'herb' walks; we are herb-people you know! Below is Donna Chesner, an incredibly knowledgeable herbalist leading a grand walk with the herb troops. It was a wonderful afternoon spent at the Arizona Desert Botanical Gardens. If you haven't gone, you should!!

Donna Chesner, SWSBM

Writing work has been taking up all my non-varnishing time. And varnishing has taken up the rest. Work lately has involved lots of rush hour traffic in this city which is reDICulous!!!! I have been giving my NEW iPod a workout with all the downloading and listening to books or CoasttoCoastAM (Art Bell--LOVE that man) shows that I miss. WOOT. At least my travel time is good listening!!

And the little FM egg that allows you to listen to the iPod on any FM radio -- how smart of a device is that? I can listen in my car and on the boat thru the already fabulous speakers. And I didn't have to run ONE wire to anything!! Now that is SMART tech. Almost makes up for some of the bad tech. Almost.

Simply Recipe's "Glazed Salmon"

"Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?" -- Henry Ward Beecher


Blogger amanda said...

Sounds like you learned a lot at the conference. When I first weaned the Princess I put her on organic milk but ended up switching her to soy milk (and now all of us drink it) since dairy is really constipating for kids. Maybe that was TMI?! Sorry. So what is the benefit of the cod liver oil?

And welcome back to Mr. Tuttles!

7:00 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Welcom M r. Tuttles! A true sign of the Earth's reawakening.

4:06 PM  

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