Saturday, July 02, 2005

Merle Haggard

Kenny, Riley and I went over to the 'Texas' to see Merle last night. What a FUN show! Now those boys can play some fiddle and steel guitar. Foot stomping big fun.


Cut the 'bangs' before I left. They are STILL too long.

The 'bangs' cut

I have hair, yesssirreeee. And right now, it's 108* out. Kind of like wearing a head fur hat all the time. Which is why for over 20 years it wasn't over a inch long except for the bangs.

I have hair Posted by Picasa

It's always in TWO ponytails anymore because one is just too heavy. Think I'll cut the bottom 2 inches off. My shorter bangs are already making me crazy cause they touch my forehead all the time. DUH. Sigh. Beautiful but HOTTTT. I think I'm tooooo old for this hair. Hence the 'fogged' photo. Plus ID theft has me kinda spooked about full face photos on the net.

Going to eat and knit now. INSIDE. Stay cool.


Anonymous Esther said...

Love your dog! I have three, a chocolate lab, golden retriever, and a pekingese mix.

Your hair is gorgeous!!!!

South Florida (Miami specifically) right now is AFRICA HOT and the humidity is just insane...the kind of weather that makes you stay inside with the a/c at 70

5:47 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

you have beautiful hair! i wish i looked as good as you with long hair :O)

7:37 AM  

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