Friday, June 24, 2005

Tonight's Western Sky

Working FBS

My home page is 'Astronomy Picture of the Day.' The daily pictures of the universe and all things space remind me of, as Jimmy Buffett would say, "where we are."

Today APOD's says: "This weekend three planets will grace the western sky, forming a lovely trio easily visible shortly after sunset. Saturday evening in particular will find Saturn, Venus, and Mercury all within a 2 degree circle (about the size of your thumb held at arm's length) above the western horizon. Recorded last Sunday, June 19, this image shows the same three planets arrayed along the ecliptic plane above a Colorado Rocky Mountain skyline.

The Western Sky
(Credit & Copyright: Jimmy Westlake (Colorado Mountain College)

Venus is easiest to pick out of the twilight, the brightest celestial beacon below picture center, with Saturn above and to the left of Venus, and Mercury closest to the horizon, right of prominent Pinnacle Peak. By Saturday, the wandering planets will draw even closer together. "

It's a free show out people!!! Better than any Vegas show. Go watch!!

And still MORE wildfires burning across my western mountains. Wildfire Causes Evacuation in areas about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas.

Firefights in 105* Temps

While I was going back home yesterday afternoon, this is what the sky looked like while on Flamingo and 'The Strip." That's the Bellagio hotel with the little dome on it.

Smoke Above The Bellagio Looking West

This is looking west onto I-15 across the Vegas Valley.

Smoke Across the Valley Looking West Posted by Hello

Skys are clearer this morning but there are lots of evacuations going on with mountain homes. I think we're all in for a 'burning' summer in the West. Stay cool.


Blogger Sara said...

Hey Kim! Thanks for visiting me and my Nerdy Berd at crochetallday! I am now an official subscribee to your blog.

And yes, my 1st graders periodically called me "your majesty" when I taught.

The FBS looks FABS! I'm looking forward to the day I am adventurous (sp?) enough to try lace patterns.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

GAH! I couldn't resist and I joined the Lace group. I've tried the Fishtail scarf about four times, but it's not going to beat me!!

11:31 PM  

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