Saturday, June 18, 2005

Becky's Finished, I'm Next!!

Cleaned up the patio area this morning. Las Vegas, NV is usually about 108* about now but we're in a COOL spell. 70* for coffee this morning at 6AM while on the patio!! How nice is THAT?? So, got the blower out and then hosed everything off. I LOVE my patio when it's clean. I have over a dozen trees in my backyard. Took about 2 hours to clean up. I then sat down to knit on my Clapotis. At noon, it was 82*. Decided to stay outside and knit some more because this weather sure isn't going to last.

Becky has already finished her Clapotis. Did I mention that she started LAST WEEK and finished YESTERDAY!! Did I mention it's incredibly GORGEOUS!!! Go look and admire!! And, did I mention I'm still working on MINE?????

Patio Recolored with Picasa

I'm almost done!! Down to 43 stitches left on the needle!!

Almost Done

Here's Miss Luna telling me that she really likes Becky's Clapotis but she loves mine (loyalty or she knows who feeds her). And that I'm NOT to wander around and mumble that Becky got hers done first and thereby forget about treats.

Luna Consoling Kim

Mr. Tuttles then wanders out for a pow-wow about this Becky-thing and how it may possibly tie-up lunch being served on time.

"Where's lunch Luna?" says Mr. Tuttles

"I'm sure we'll get fed sometime today," replies Luna.


"Happy Now"

"Please let me in, please let me in!!!" Posted by Hello

Mind you, food for Mr. T goes out on the plate about 7AM AND he already ATE all of it. Luna always has food in the kitchen, 24/7. But, all they seem to think about is food. Kinda like me and yarn.

I'm sure they also wonder when is she going to be done with that Clapotis thing?


Anonymous Becky said...

Oh for the shame of it that I finished first Luna. What was I thinking!!??!? And Mr. Tuttles I swear I'll tell her to feed you BEFORE she knits next time! The patio looks lovely and I'm sure your knitting was just divine with such a wonderful group cheering you on!

12:31 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

I like Mr. Tuttles! How cool it is that your dog and a turtle have an interactive relationship. Your Luna must indeed be a big hearted lady.

7:12 PM  

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