Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Please send a boat....

As of yesterday, here in LAS VEGAS, which is located in the MOJAVE DESERT (average rainfall - less than 4.5 inches a year), we have had OVER SIX INCHES of rain in the last 3 months. I've lived here over 40 years. THIS is noooootttttt normal. Could rant about greenhouse gases, 'peak oil' and why we're all sitting in that basket on it's way to helllllllll, but I won't. You already know pretty much I think about how things are going in our society, and as a species.

Ok, so why so long away from the knitting blog??? Well, I was on a month-long road trip to move my best friend, Charlotte of the Green Shawl, to Washington. Drove up north HWY 101, starting just above San Francisco. Up thru Oregon, took the turn east on HWY 101 thru Washington and then up HWY 5 to Mill Creek (north of Seattle). You can see some of the trip blogged at Lobo and Luna on Tour.

Here's Luna and I at the edge of the Redwood Forest where it meets the sea.

And look at the these incredible Redwood trees! I want to do a Redwood Scarf, WOW!, are they beautiful trees or what???? Wonder if I can find yarn and do a fiber redwood creation?

I'm currently knitting a shoulder wrap for Ann, my friend in Granite Falls, WA. I always visit with her and her husband, Dean. They are kind of like adopted family to me. I just adore them. Here is a view out of their front window overlooking the horse paddocks on their thoroughbred farm.

Isn't that the most incredible front yard???? It's for sale if you want it . More pictures of the trip later.


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