Friday, June 17, 2005

Flower Basket Shawl -- A Maybe Beginning

Cast on and knit the first section of the Flower Basket Shawl. Not quite sure if it looks right.

Flower Basket Shawl Beginning

It kinda looks wonky to me. There were a few places where I had to add or delete a stitch as I was going along so I don't know if that is what makes some of the baskets look weird or if it's just because it's the first section. WhewwwwWHOOOOOOOO Master Maker and Priestess of All Things FBS Becky!!!! What do you think about this? Should I just continue on or frog and redo?

Cotton Fine Yarn Posted by Hello

I'm making this out of Cotton Fine that I picked up on sale for like $1.25 at my LYS. Yippeee!!! Really like the pale peach color for summer too. Doesn't split really at all. Hmmm, frog or continue?

And, I'm using a magnetic board with a stick-on ruler to keep track of my rows. But what's the best way to keep track of where you are IN a row with your stitches? I started using a 'sticky' to keep a pattern of three or five stitches/YO's but THAT is going to get tedious soon. Any better suggestions on keeping track of where you are with your stitches ON a row?

Clapotis is down to 62 stitches and getting faster!! Oh boy, I am for SURE going to finish it this weekend!!!!!! I'm so excited. It's really coming out very nice and I'm trying to figure out what yarn I want to use to make the next one. I really LOVE the Clapotis pattern and will for SURE being doing it again!! After all the hair-ripping-out in the beginning, it's nice to be able to sit on THIS side of the pattern having learned new stitches and developed a very comfortable feel for knitting it. Wasn't sure I was going to get THERE.

Luna and Mr. Tuttles are perfect.


Blogger Nancy said...

It looks good to me, but then I know

thanks for the comments on my site!


9:05 PM  
Anonymous Peter Gemmill said...

I really appreciate people like you who take their chance in such an excellent way to give an impression on certain topics. Thanks for having me here.

5:33 AM  

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